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2013--2014新版深圳广州上海沈阳牛津版英语八年级上 unit1 Encyclopedias


invention n. 发明

scientist n,科学家

ability n.能力

perhaps adv.可能 也许

notebook n.记录本 笔记本

include v.包括 包含

even adv.甚至

however adv.但是 然而

invent v. 发明

inventor n. 发明家

music n.音乐

musician n. 音乐家 音乐

science n.科学

countryside n.乡村 农村

intelligent adj.有才能的


intelligence n.才能 智慧

able adj.能够 可以

disability adj.无能力的

grow v.成长 生长

famous adj.出名的 著名i

Including n.包括

suddenly adv.突然

encyclopedia n.百科全书

Italy n.意大利 Italian n.adj.意大利语 意大利人 painter n.画家 painting n. 油画 绘画 art n.艺术 美术 artist n. 艺术家 artistic adj.艺术的 draw v.画 drawing n.画画 machine n.机器 dinosaur n.恐龙 million n.百万 everywhere n. adv.每个地方 到处 meat n.肉 nobody p.无人 fossil n. 化石


for example =such as 例如 more than =over 多余 超过 just like=be like 正如 正像 How long 多久

would like to =want to 想要 be famous for 以。。。而闻名 find out 找到 发现 learn about 知道 了解

next to 紧挨着 go for a walk =take a walk 散步 human being 人类 in the countryside 在乡下 在农村 from an early age 早期 从很小时 be born 出生

look up 向上看 查阅 die out 灭绝 消失



1. A. comes out of his/her mother’s body

C. goes to see a doctor B. leaves his/her parents

2. the city.

A. inside B. outside C. in the center of

3. A. can B. cannot C. are happy to

4. the


A. part of B. at the end of C. connected to

5. .

A. animal


even however invention notebook perhaps scientist B. machine C. person

many pictures of different in it. They were not very good, but they

helped me think and dream. Now I am a and I do many

important things. , my journey began when I was at school, with my

studies, and my poems and pictures. I was a student just like you. you will do something important famous one day. Just

remember to think and do dream.


1. There is not ______ meat in my bowl. There is _______ chicken in it.

A. some; any B. any; some C. any; any D. some; some

2. Could you do______ for me, please?

A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything

3. The bottle is empty. There is______ in it.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

4. —Did you find ______ in the room? —No, we found ______ there.

A. anybody; nobody B. somebody; everybody C. anybody;

somebody D. everybody; anybody

5. I have a lot of work to do. 1 have______ time to play.

A. not B. any C. no D. some

6. Would you like______ more coffee?

A. little B. any C. some D. another

7. Listen to me. I have_______ to tell you.

A. anything new B. something new C. new something D. nothing


8. By the way, is there ______ in today's newspaper?

A. something new B. anything new C. new something D. new


unit1 Encyclopedias



1. Mr Li is very h______. He always makes us laugh.

2.She doesn’t has curly (卷曲) hair. She has s__________ hair.

3. I don’t want others to know that, please keep s____________ for me.

4. I think she is my _________(真正的)friend.

5. He is not tall—_________ (几乎) 1.70 metres.

6. The film isn’t interesting at all, so I feel b_______.

7. I believe her because she is very h__________.

8. My sister eats little food every day, so she is very weak and t______.

9. The man is always w_________ to share things with his friends.

10.We should ________(信任) our best friends, because they never tell lies.

11.Reader is a popular __________(杂志) in China. Many people like reading it.

12.The shoes don’t f________ my feet. They make my feet uncomfortable.

13.You can___________(选择)one of the boys as your best friend.

14.I’m very t_________, can I have some juice frist?

15.Tom looks at me and_______(微笑)sweetly.


1. Are you _________ (will) to sing an English song for us ?

2. She wants to be a _________ (sing) when she grows up.

3.You should try your best 4. Can I have________(anything) to eat, please? I’m so hungry.

5. He is the_________ (tall) boy in his class.

6. The naughty boy often makes his sister _______(cry) by playing tricks on her.

7. Most of my classmates are very _________(help).

8. ----Is Eddie ready_______(share) his cake with his friends?

----No, he isn’t.

9. Lily has the ability to be a wonderful_______(sing), I think.

10. Max is good at _________(tell) stories about animals.


( )1.Millie is very _______,so we all want to make _______ with her.

A. friends friendly B. friendly friends C. friendly friendly D.friends friends

( )2.---Is there ___________ left in the fridge? ---Only some eggs.

A.nothing else B.else anything C. something else D. anything else

( )3.Mr Li often makes us__________in his class, so we all like him.

A.laugh B.to laugh C.laughing D.laughed

( )4.Max is kind.. He is always________ to help others.

A. like B. ready C. try D. want

( ) 5. There aren’t enough chairs. Would you please _________ ones here?

A. to bring another three B. bring more three

C. to take three other D. bring three more

( )6. I’m going to _____ them something about our new school.

A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak

( )7. I’m so hungry, can I have ______________?

A. anything eat B. something eating

C. anything to eat D. something to eat

( )8.On ______ home, Susan found a robber getting out of a van yesterday.

A. her way to B. her way for C. her way at D. her way

( )9.Listen! I heard Tom________ in the next room.

A. sing B. sings C. sang D. singing

( )10. The boy said to _____ “ Can I see an elephant?”

A. herself B. himself C. him D. his

( )11. There is a big cake. _______ share it.

A. May be we can B. We may be C. Maybe we can D. Maybe can we

( )12.---- _________ ? --- He is funny and friendly.

A.What does he look like B. What`s he like

C. What is he D. What is he doing

( )13.She is very helpful and ready to help people_______.

A. some time B. sometime C. at anytime D. any time

( )14. ---Which word can’t describe (描述)appearance(外貌? ---___________.

A. Beautiful B. Helpful C. Pretty D. Good-looking

( )15.Many students said that they were willing to work to make their dreams _____true.

A. come B. came C. comes D. coming


One day Mark Twain was invited to _1_ a talk in a small town, He met a young man, one of his friends. The young man said that he had an uncle, his uncle __2__ laughed or smiled. “you bring your uncle to my talk tonight,” said Mark Twain. “I’m sure I can make him laugh.”That evening the young man and his uncle sat __3__ the front. Mark Twain told several funny stories. __4__ made everyone in the room laugh. But the old man never __5__ smiled. Mark Twain told __6__ funny stories, but the old man still kept __7__. Finally, he stopped. He felt very tired and gave up.__8__ later, Mark Twain told a friend of his about __9__ had happened, “Oh”, said his friend, “I know that old man. He has __10__ for years.”

( ) 1. A. give B. send C. make D. work

( ) 2. A. often B. sometimes C. never D. always

( ) 3. A. in B. with C. on D. at

( ) 4. A. those B. this C. these D. that

( ) 5. A. even B. ever C. still D. yet

( ) 6. A. most B. more C. much D. the most

( ) 7. A. quietly B. quite C. quiet D. laughing

( ) 8. A. these days B. some days C. other days D. those days

( ) 9. A. which B. how C. what D. that

( ) 10. A. foolish B. deaf(聋) C. blind D. dead

五、阅读理解 (每题3分,共15分)


Long ago, there was an interesting man called Effendi (阿凡提), He had a good sense of humour. One day he had a joke with the Prime Minister (宰相). He said that the Minister would die the next day. Really the next day, the Minister fell off the horse and died. When the king learned this, he got angry and sent his men to catch Effendi at once.

When Effendi was in front of the King, the king shouted angrily, “Effendi, since (既然) you know when my Minister would die, you must know the date of your own death. Say it out, or you will die today.”Effendi looked at the king for a while, he answered, “But how can I know? I’ll die two days earlier than you.”Because the king was afraid if he killed Effendi, he himself would die after that. He thought he must keep Effendi alive as long as he could, so he let Effendi go.

( )1. The story tells us _____________

A. how Effendi fooled the king B. when the king would die

C. why the Minister died D. Effendi knew the dates of everyone’s death

( )2. The Prime Minister died because _______

A. Effendi killed him B. Effendi said he would die

C. he was badly ill D. he fell to the ground from the horse

( )3. Why did the king ask Effendi to tell him the date of his own death?

A. in this way the king would know when he would die

B. he wanted to find an excuse to kill Effendi

C. he himself had known the date of Effendi’s death

D. he wanted to know when Effendi would die

( )4.The king let Effendi go because ____________

A. he hoped to live a long life B. he was afraid of Effendi

C. he didn’t believe Effendi’s words D. he knew he would die two days later

( )5. Which of the following is not true?

A.The Minister died after the day when Effendi played a joke on him.

B. The king was afraid of death

C. Effendi didn’t know when the king would die

D. If the king killed Effendi, he himself would die two days later.


Mr Wu was a happy man, “I am sure my family is one of the oldest in the country.” He often told the people, “It has a long history.”One day he went to see a great woman of family history, Mrs Li. “I want you to find out everything about my family,” he said. “Where do we come from? Who was the first? Do I have any rich relatives?”

“OK” Mrs Li said, “but you will pay $2,000.”Mr Wu thought $2,000 was a lot of money, But he said, “All right, But I want all of my family.”She agreed and said, “Come back in three months.”Three months later, Mr Wu visited Mrs Li again. “Well,” he said. “did you find anything about my family?” “Yes,” she said. “ It is really a very interesting family. But my price is now $5,000.” “$5,000!” Mr Wu

shouted. “ But you told me the money was only $2,000.” “I know. It was $2,000 to find out about your family,” She said. “It’s another $3,000 to keep the secret about what I found out.”

( ) 6. Mr Wu thought his family was __________.

A. an old family B. one of the oldest in the country

C. a happy one D. an unhappy one

( ) 7. One day he went to see a ________ of family history.

A. woman B. man C. great man D. great woman

( ) 8. Why did he went to see Mrs Li?

A. He wanted to find out everything about his family.

B. He wanted to know where they came from.

C. He wanted to know who was the first Wu

D. He wanted to know if there were some famous people in the family.

( ) 9. _______ later, Mr Wu visited Mrs Li again.

A. two months B. three weeks C. three years D. three months

( ) 10. At last, Mr Wu __________

A. didn’t know about his family B. knew his family

C. know all about his family D. didn’t know anything about his family



He’s _________ _______ his classmates. Everyone ______ him.


_________ __________ a bad _________ about _________.


Zhao Benshan has a ______ ________ _______ ________and he’s famous.


You should __________ _________ _________ or this will __________him __________.


My brother is __________ to _________ ___________ __________ problems.

四、1.A 2.C 3.D 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.B 9.C 10.B

五、1.A 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.D 10.D

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