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UNIT 1 How do you study for a test?检测题


21. —How do you study for an English test?


A. By work with friends. B. By listen to tapes.

C. By asking the teacher with help. D. By making vocabulary lists.

22. Playing with fire ______ dangerous.

A. is B. was C. be D. will be

23. —What about ______ grammar?

—It’s too boring.

A. finding B. studying C. writing D. playing

24. —We are going hiking tomorrow. What will the weather be like, Benson?

—Why not ______ the radio and listen to the report?

A. turn on B. turn off C. take away D. find out 25. I found ______ very easy to learn English well if you put your heart into it.

A. that B. what C. it D. this

26. —My dad bought me a new MP4, but I don’t know ______.

—Let’s read the instructions.

A. what to use B. which one to use C. how to use it D. when to use it

27. I don’t know how ________this computer.

A. use B. to use C. used D. uses

28. Miss Li regards all her students _______ her children.

A. as B. for C. to D. in

29. If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them ______ in a dictionary.

A. up B. for C. after D. at

30. The small boys decided ______ to each other.

A. not talk B. not talking C. not to talk D. not to talking


“Who did this?” Mrs. Green asked with a piece of broken glass in her hand. She had never with us. The classroom was so quiet. All students looked at the window except should I tell the truth? If I did, I would be in trouble. I didn’t have enough. How could I afford to buy such an expensive window? I really didn’t want to put up my hand,said, “I did it. I am sorry.” It was notfor me to say those words. Mrs. Green went to the book shelf and took down a book. Then she walked to me. Looking , I was a little afraid. To my surprise, she said, “I know you likebook about them. It’s yours now. I give it to you not because you broke the window, but b.” I couldn’t

believe it. I wasn’t punished (惩罚) . However, I was given my favorite book about birds. the book. The lesson my teacher taught me that day will be in my heart forever.

31. A. excited B. angry C. happy D. nervous

32. A. up B. down C. over D. out

33. A. play B. to play C. playing D. played

34. A. glass 35. A. and 36. A. easy 37. A. she 38. A. sports 39. A. careful 40. A. keep B. books B. but B. difficult B. her B. baseball B. smart B. give C. time C. so C. sad C. herself C. birds C. kind C. borrow D. money D. or D. terrible

D. hers D. dogs D. honest D. lose



Swimming and English Learning

Can you swim? Do you like swimming? Yes? Well, how can you learn to swim? I think the best way is to go into the water and learn. I’m afraid you’ll never learn to swim just by reading books about swimming or looking at others swimming. It’s the same with the English study. We must practice, practice and practice.

Listening and speaking are very important for beginners. The children in English-speaking countries first listen to others. Then they try to imitate and speak. We can listen to English programs on radio. You may just understand a few words. It doesn’t matter. Just be relaxed, try to catch every word.

Somebody may be a good listener. But he dare not speak. He’s afraid of making mistakes. You know we sometimes make mistakes when we speak Chinese. Don’t be afraid. We must be brave. If you really want to learn English well, you must try to speak with everyone so long as he knows English. Whether you know him or not is not important when there’s nobody to talk with, you can talk to yourself in English. It’s interesting and also a good way to practice your spoken English. Remember, the more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

Reading and writing are more important for senior school students. First we must choose the books we’re interested in. A lot of reading will improve your language sense. This is the most important.

Keep writing English diaries. We can also write English articles. You may even post them to English magazines. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success.

Easier said than done. Well, let’s do more practice from now on. I’m sure you’ll learn English well in this way.

41. You can learn to swim by_______. A. reading books about it B. looking at others swimming C. having lessons on it D. going into the river and learning 42. We should learn English by _______.

A. listening and speaking B. reading and writing C.A and B D. swimming 43. What will you do with mistakes when you speak? A. Don’t make mistakes. B. Study hard. C. Try not to speak English D. Don’t be afraid. 44. What’s more important for senior school students? A. Listening. B. Speaking. C. Reading and writing. D. Learning. 45. We can listen to English ______ according to the passage. A. by train B. on radio C. every minute


How I study English

I often hear some students say English is difficult, and it gives them a headache. So they can’t learn it well. But English is very easy for me. I’m good at it. I’m very glad to tell you something about how I study English.

First, I think an interest (爱好) in English is very important. When I was in Grade One, we had a new subject—English. It was fresh for me. I was interested in it, so I worked hard at it. Soon we had an English exam and I got a very good mark. How happy I was! After that, I learned English harder and harder. Our English teacher often teaches us English songs. The songs sound nice. I often think how interesting English is! Second, I think English is a foreign language. I should learn it well in the following ways: Listen to the teacher carefully, speak bravely, read aloud and have a good vocabulary (词汇) . Then practice again and again, never be tired. And I also have a good habit: Asking whenever (不论何时) I have a question, I must make it clear by asking our English teacher. How happy I am when I understand! Besides this, I often read English stories, jokes and easy novels. From these I know English is not only interesting, but also useful. They help me understand a lot of things. So to do more reading is an important way to learn English well.

And I also do some exercises from our class magazines, and I often write English diaries. English has become a close friend of mine. Now I have learned English for more than two years. I always keep the first position in our school. From these words, I hope every student can learn English well.

46. Why do some students often “have a headache”?

A. Because they are easy to catch a cold. B. Because it’s often very cold.

C. Because they think English is easy. D. Because they don’t think English is easy.

in English if we want to learn it well.

A. excited B. interested C. quiet D. strict

48.The sentence “I got a very good mark” means “”.

A.I got a good way B.I had a good idea

C.I did badly in the exam D.I did well in the exam

A. English is full of stories B. English is full of jokes

C. his teacher often teaches them nice English songs

D. English is a close friend of his 50. Which of the following is NOT the way the writer studies by?

A. Speaking bravely. B. Writing to foreign friends.

C. Reading aloud. D. Writing English diaries.



1. This term I began to enjoy ________(watch)English movies.

2. A car runs ________(fast)than a bus.

3. I don’t do well in English reading. I read very ________(slow).

4. I didn’t understand Vera because she didn’t ________(pronunciation)some words clearly.

5. I won’t tell you; it’s a sB.用括号里所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,满分5分)

6. Our______ (friend) has lasted for years.

7. Don’t worry. I’ll______(deal) with it.

8. His father was very_______ (frustrate) because he was always late for school.

9. It’s______(fair) to make them do what they don’t like to do.

10. When Tony was young, he was_______(terrify) of the dark.

六、完成句子(每小题1分,满分5分) (对画线部分提问)

____ _____ he______ his spoken English?

2. She likes playing tennis, too.(改为否定句)

She _____ like playing tennis, _____.

3. They enjoyed themselves yesterday.(改为同义句)

They ______ ________ yesterday. (对画线部分提问)

______ _____ will you go out of the classroom?





1. 注意书信的格式。

2. 针对问题提出合理的建议。

3. 80词左右。

Dear Xiaohua, I’m very interested in English. I think English is very useful and important to us. But I find it not easy for me to memorize words. We have many chances to speak English, but I’m very shy. So when it’s my turn to speak, I often feel very nervous. And I’m afraid of making mistakes. I work very hard, but I still can’t improve my English.

What should I do now? Please give me some good advice. Thank you very much for helping me.

Yours, Li Jun _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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