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Topic 3 I will remember our friendship forever.
Section A





This weekend we’ll graduate from Ren’ai International School! Will you come and join our graduation ceremony?


Answer the following questions according to 1a.
1. What will they do to get ready for the graduation ceremony? They will prepare some gifts.

2. What does Michael think of the final examination?
He thinks it is a piece of cake. 3. Will they give speeches at the ceremony? Perhaps.

It’s a piece of cake.

It’s a piece of cake. 意 为“小菜一碟”或“这 是很容易的事”。

Where there is a will, there is a way.

意为“有志者,事竟 成”。

Read 1a again and fill in the blanks.
They will ________ graduate from Ren’ai International final examination School. There is going to be a ______________ which they have to pass. They will hold a (graduation) ceremonybefore leaving school. They _________________ gifts They will never are going to prepare some _____. friendship forget their ___________.

graduate V. 毕业

I graduate from a university five years ago.
n. 毕业生 研究生 A graduate is a student who has successfully finished a course at a high school , college, or university.

get ready for= be ready for= prepare for Do you get ready for the final exam? Are you ready for the concert? Mum prepares some food for my birthday party. prepare sth for sth/sb

First of all
at first=in the beginning,表示“当初,起初(但后来……)”, 与后来发生的事相对照。 At first I didn't want to go, but I soon changed my mind. The work was hard at first, but I got used to it first of all表示“首先”;“最重要的”,说明顺序,是时间 上或一系列行动的开始,后面往往接next, then等 First of all, open the windows First of all , let me introduce a student to you

so ... that.... so +adj./ adv that +从句 The sunflower is so beautiful that the little want to touch it softly. China is changing so rapidly that we should work hard to keep up with it.

时光飞逝 从...毕业 为...做好准备 首先 How time flies! graduate from beready prepare readyfor for for get first of all pass the exam It's a piece of cake. give speeches think back on


回想... 有志者事竟成

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Discuss what you will do before leaving school and report to your class. take photos with one another prepare gifts for teachers and classmates have a class get-together exchange photos with each other write best wishes to each other prepare speeches make plans for the future see friends off

You can report like this:
I will write best wishes to my friends. **

will prepare gifts for our teachers. **will
take photos with his/her friends. We will have a class get-together.

What can we use chalks to do?

We can use them to write words on the blackboard.


It’s the thought that

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