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第一部分 选择题(100分) 一. 听力(共两节,记37.5分) 第一节(共九小题,每小题读一遍)

1.A. Tuesday B Wednesday C. Thursday,

2 A At the railway station B In a park C In a shoe shop 3A They are eating and watching a football match B They are cooking C They are playing chess

4 A Have a piano lesson B Go shopping C Have a violin lesson 5 A A book B A recorder C A key 6 A on Saturday B on Sunday C on Monday 7 A sports shoes B books C keys 8 A Windy B Sunny C Rainy

9 A Read a book B Played computer games C Watched TV 第二节(共16小题)每段对话或独白都两遍。 听第10段材料,回答第10---11题。 10 Which sport does Tony like best?

A Running B Swimming C Skating 11 Whom does Tony often go with?

A His friend B His brother C His neighbor 听第11段材料,回答第12—14题 12 Where’s kate’s pocket money?

A She saves it B She spends it C She lends it to Peter 13 How much does Peter lend to Kate at last ?

A 10 pounds B 15 pounds C 20pounds 14 When will Kate pay back the money?

A On Saturday B On Sunday C On Monday 听第12段材料,回答第15-17小题 15.What is the man doing ?__________

A. Selling the house B. Looking for a house C .Asking for a job 16.Why does the woman want to sell the house?______

A, She wants to move to the countryside B. She wants to move abroad C. She hopes to buy a bigger one

17.How much dose the house cost?_______ A .$9,680 B.$9,860 C.$9,618 听第13段材料,回答第18-21小题。 18.What is Running Heads?_____

A. A famous art club B.A famous car factory C.A famous music band

19.Why did the man leave the band?__________

A. Because he was very proud and couldn’t get along well with the others B. Because he wasn’t good at it C. Because he didn’t want to be a musician

20.How did the man feel about his leaving from the band?_________ A. He was very pleased B. He was very sorry C . He thought it was right to do so 21.What is the man’s dream?

A. To be a writer B .To be a musician C. To be an artist 听第14段材料,回答第22-25小题 22.Where was the picture taken?_______

A .At my birthday party B .At my mum’s birthday party C .At my sister’s birthday party 23.Who is an engineer ?________

A. My father B. My mother C. Uncle Simon 24.What is Aunt Liz good at ?_____

A. Speaking Chinese B. Singing C. Playing the piano 25.Which of the following is true?_______

A. My father can playing football B. My uncle is 45 years old C .My parents are in the front of the picture 二.语言知识运用(共二节,计42.5分)


A. So far B. At times C. At the same time D .Long long ago A .thinks B. regards C. looks D. espects 28.-Would you like a cup of tea ?

-sorry ,I’

A .Would than B. Would rather C .Instead D. Instead of 29.-Jim ,Who came to your birthday party yesterday ? A. such as B .for example C. as well D. so what

30 —We Chinese people dreamed of flying to the moon a long time ago. A. discussed B. changed C .realized D .made

B)从A.B.C.D.四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 31 -The MP4 which I Bought last month_________ -Oh, why not have it repaired ?

A .worked well B. broken down C. brought down D. broke out 32.-Is the sick dog still alive?

-I’m sorry, it’s ____. It ____ a week ago.

A .died ; dead B. dying; dead C. dying; died D. dead; died 33.It ____about ten years since we _____ last time

A. is; met B. has; met C. is; have met D .has; have met 34.-I called you at eight O’clock last night, but there was no answer

-I____ myself in the exciting TV play at than time . and I didn’t hear the ring .

A .lose B. was losing C .lost D .Will lose 35.Please bring back the book _____cover is blue A .whose B .when C .which D. that 36.-I work for a company ____ cars are sold A .which B. where C .that D .what 37.-Tomorrow I will fly to Japan for my holiday

-Great, but I’m afraid I can’t ____you _____at the airport I will have an important meeting tomorrow A .get; off B .put; off C. see; off D .turn ;off 38. - I think your friend, Peter _____ you -Yes, mom. I have learned a lot from him.

A .depends on B .has a great influence on C. gets on badly with D. thinks back on

39.-I fear whether we could win tomorrow’s soccer match

-________we have practiced so hard that we work together very well A. Me too B. So do I C .You’re wrong D. It’s piece of cake

40 Whenever I _______ the good times we spent together ,I miss you all very much

A. think over B think back on C think out D think hard

41 It’s impossible for us to see him off ______ we drive to the airport at once

A if B because C unless D as soon as

42 I’m a sports fan. I’m interested in everything ____is about the Olympics in Beijing

A that B who C where D when

43、 –Do you like chatting with your friends on the pone or mobile phone -____ I would rather _______ QQ

A Either; use B Neither; use C Both ;to use D Neither; to use 44. Hold on your dreams ,____ they will come true one day A but B and C or D so

45.There are ___ many books on science in the bookstore that he can’t decide which to choose

A so B too C such D enough

第二节 完形填空(共15小题;每小题1.5分,满分22.5分)_ Dear Sophie,

After some days in China ,we have come back to Barcelona in Spain We stay in China so much , especially recommendation(推荐) to see the impression San jie Liu Night Show in Yang shuo, which was really I’d like to tell you the special way of we Spanish have .We the Americans and the rest of the Europeans ,because we don’t like to rush things like them,especially during holidays. That’we are used to being rest or to drink some coffee during the visits .What we did made our guide Li get a bit nervous(紧张的“ tempo(节奏) ”

Now, we’finish collecting and classifying (将- 分类) them thank you so much for all your help before and during this tour.

46 A impressed B enjoyed C expected D controlled 47 A dislike B compare C thank D judge 48 A problems B money C fun D jokes 49 A expensive B boring C tiring D pleasant

50 A eating B traveling C shopping D dressing 51 A depend on B unaware of C different from D angry with 52 A how B where C when D why 53 A find B take C build D finish 54 A times B night C beginning D end 55 A nothing B everything C something D anything 56 A fast B slow C high D bad 57 A at B by C on D of 58 A hated B stopped C wanted D pretended 59 A even B still C yet D ever 60 A but B after C though D before

三 综合阅读(共三节,计35分)

第一节 综合知识(共6小题,每小题1分) 根据所掌握的文化背景知识,选择最佳选项。

61.In western countries, people will say ―____ ―to describe a person who is very ill

A. dog tired B sick as a dog C a mad dog D a running dog 62. ____ was one of the greatest inventions in ancient China .It points the

directions in the war

A Gun prouder B Printing C Paper making D Compass 63. ____ is regard as the Treasure Island of China

A Hong Kong B Tai wan C Ma Cao D Hainan 64.The People’s Republic of China was founded on _____ A July 1st, 1927 B June1st,1949 C October1st, 1949 D August1st, 1949

65 .―_____‖ is sometimes used to describe a woman who is cruel A Dog B Cat C Rose D Fish 66. Computer was invented in ____ in 1946

A American B Korea C England D Japan 第二节 阅读理解(共7小题,每小题2分,满分14分) (A)

China is the home of chopsticks. The Chinese began to use them in the Shang dynasty .In the third century A.D chopsticks were introduced to Japan and ended its practice of taking food directly by hand .It was not until the 15 th century A.D, that the knife and fork appeared on the tables in Europe. Nowadays the Japanese seem to love chopsticks more deeply than the Chinese. They gave a chopsticks Festival that fall on 4th August each year .In their opinion, using chopsticks is good for people’s health. They believe that using chopsticks lead to a clever mind and deft( 灵巧0hands.Chopsticks are used now all over the world. They are made not only of bamboo but also of wood, and even ivory( 象牙 ) 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

67. Chinese people began to use chopsticks__________ A before people began to use chopsticks. B before the 3rd century A·.D

C in the 3rd century A· D D in the 15th century A· D

68. Before chopsticks was introduced to Japan, the Japanese took food ________

A with knife and fork B by hand C with their own chopsticks D with something unknown

69 .Which of the following can be the best title of the passage? A The Chinese invention B Chopsticks C Chopsticks are welcomed all over the world D All kinds of chopsticks (B)

Korean culture is really exciting right now .The Korean Wave is Sweeping Asian Countries China. Young people are going crazy about Korean TV plays, Korean songs, tack wong do and the Korean language.

The Korean Wave started a few years ago with the TV series ( 连续剧 ) Winter Sonata. This love story is still popular. People especially girls like the beautiful stiry and good—looking actors like Bae Yong Jun.

In the music world Korean girls are making themselves heard in China .You can often find big Korean names like Baby Vox S·E · S。and Finkle at the top of Chinese music charts( 排行榜 ) ,The Korean Wave has also made young people want to fry the clothes and hairstyles of pop stars .Not only that ,some girls in China are having plastic surgery( 整容 )to change the way they look .People say some beautiful Korean stars have the plastic surgery. Those stars who don’t make plastic surgery book shameful( 丢面子 ) Are all the faces of beautiful Korean girls not real? Find out by yourself when you visit South Korea next time.

70. The Korean Waves refers to________

A Korean TV play B. Korean culture C Korean language D Korean pop songs 71.____is the start of the Korean Wave.

A Tack wondo B Korean music C The TV series Winter Sonata D Korean clothes 72. From the third passage we know ________

A few Korean girls often come to China and sing pop songs

B Korean pop songs are liked by many Chinese people ,especially the young

C girls like good—looking Bae Yong Jun more than Baby Cox , S· E·S.and Finkle

D many Chinese people enjoy the songs by Baby Vox , S·E ·S ,and Finkle

73 .Which of the following is Not True according to the passage? A Bae Yong Jun is the Korean popular singer in China. B Young people like pop stars’ clothes and hairstyles.

C Now the Korean TV series Winter Sonata is still loved by people D Some Chinese girls are trying to change their faces and having plastic surgery

第二部分 非选择题 (共50分) 第三节任务型阅读(共7小题;14分)


Hangzhou Bay ( 海湾 )Bridge.

The world’s longest trans-ocien(跨海)bridge wab completely finished in Cixi in Zhejiang Province in February ,2008

Hangzhou Bay bridge is 36 kilometers long. It is about RMB 11.8 billion, 35%of which was offered by many personal companies in Ningbo, 59%was lonaned(贷款 )from different Chinese bank

a 179 kilometer journey. So the bridge makes the trip faster and easier. The drive(2)_______________Shanghai(2)_____Ningbo is(3)_________(不到两小时)

Nowadays, Ningbo and northern Zhejiang have been parts of the Greater Shanghai Economic Zone (经济圈 )。

74 . 对(1)处 划线部分进行同义句转换。

People usually__________over four hours________from Shanghai to Ningbo by car.

75. 选择合适结构填入(2)处 ___________ _____________ 76. 将(3)处括号的汉语译成英语。


77. (5) 处划线部分有一处错误 ,应将 _______________ 改为________________.


Dear friends, welcome to China! I hope you enjoy spending the Spring Festival with us here .You will see lots of beautiful lanterns and Spring Festival scrolls (春联) everywhere .What are Spring Festival scrolls? They are part of traditional Chinese culture They have some lucky words written

on them ,showing people’ hopes for the coming year. they are words such as Treasures fill the home .Business flourishes (兴旺). The following are some Spring Festival scrolls with lucky words . Can you understand them? 请将下列吉言与其英文表达相搭配,完成表格。

A The country flourishes and people live in peace. B Safe tipe wherever you go

C Peace all year round D Business flourishes E May all your wishes come true F Everything goes well 根据句意及承诺汉语提示,写出缺单词

81 .So far ,we’ve ________( 成功) saving thousands of people in danger 82 .The more we get together ,the_________ (快乐) we will be

83 .We all know that Alexander Bell was the _______ (发明者) of the telephone

84 .Ningbo is in the _________ (东部) part of Zhejiang.

85 The people in China are ____________ (友好的) to foreign tourists. 86. He cares very little for ___________ (他自己) 补全对话

A: I plan to go to Taiwan for my summer holidays. Li Jun, you come from Taiwan. Can you tell me something about it ?

B: No problem. 87.__________________________________ A: 88____________________________________________

B: It’s nearly the same as that in Fuzhou, sometimes very hot in summer. But you can taste all kinds of delicious fruits. A: 89.__________________________________

B: Taiwan is famous for Mount Ali and Sun Moon Lake .And you shouldn’t miss the hot springs (温泉) there A: How about the people there?

B: 90.___________________________________________ A:







91._______________________________ B: I hope you’ll have a great time A: Thanks a lot.

(B) 每当朋友之间即将分手的时候,我们耳边常常会想起这首歌“ 朋友啊!朋友!你可曾想起了我,如果你真的幸福,请你告诉我—。”请你以Friends 为题,写一篇80个单词左右的短文,可以围绕主题适当展开,阐述交友的重要性和好处。


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