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牛津版初中英语八年级下8B Unit5 Grammar课件

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Unit 5 International charities

She was very fat.

She is quite slim.

She used to be very fat, but she is quite slim now.

A. used to
We us the phrase ‘used to’ to talk about a past habit or state. We use an infinitive after ‘used to’. For example: Dr Ma used to work in a hospital. (but he doesn’t work in a hospital now). She used to be blind (but she is not blind now).

used to+ do “过去常常”表示过去习惯性的动作或状 态,但如今已不存在。 Eg. Mary used to take a walk. 玛丽过去常常散步。

Subject I You/We/They He/She/It

‘Used to’


eat breakfast used to at 7 a.m. every day.

She is used to watching a basketball match during weekends.

She is used to having a walk every night.

B be used to
‘Be used to’ has a different meaning from ‘used to’. We often use ‘be used to’ to talk about something we have done regularly for a long time. We put it before a noun (phrase) or an ‘ing’ form a verb. For example:

Dr Ma is used to working on the ORBIS plane.
Dr Ma is used to his new job as an ORBIS doctor.

be used to+ doing “对...已感到习惯,或习惯于” to 是介 词,后需加名次活动名词。 Eg. She is used to taking a walk. 她现在习惯于散步。


‘be used to’

Noun (phrase)/ ‘ing’ form the hot weather. drinking coffee.


am (not) used to

You/We/ are (not) used to They He/She/ is (not) used to It

用used to 或 be used to 的正确形式填空。 is used to the hot weather in 1)He__________
summer in Nanjing. used to 2) There ________be a beautiful park. are used togoing to work on foot. 3) They_________ am not ________going 4) I ____ out before used to lunch.

Yao is so powerful that no one can beat him in the game.

Yao is such an excellent basketball player that every team want to sign him.

C so…...that and such…… that
such…that作“如此…以致”解,连接一 个表示结果的状语从句。与so…that 意思相 同,但用法不同。如:so…that这一结构中, so后边可加形容词或副词,而such后边要用 名词(这个名词前面可以带形容词,也可 以不带)。


Review what you have learnt today.

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