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8B Unit6 Checkout课件

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Unit 6 A charity walk


1. What is Oxfam Trailwalker ?
It is one of Hong Kong’s biggest fund-raising events. 2. How long has it been one of Hong Kong’s biggest fund-raising events ? Since 1981.

3.When is it held ? In November every year. 4.How can a person take part in it ? People over 18 can group themselves into a team of four and join it.

5.How many kilometers do they have to finish walking? 100 kilometers. 6.How many country parks will they walk through ? Eight.

7.What can people learn during the walk? Team spirit.

8.Why do all the team members need to walk together to finish the hike ? Because only the team’s finishing time will be recorded.

Fill in the blanks according to the text.

T________ railwalkerhas been one of Hong Kong’s biggest f_________ und-raisingevents for many years. It is o_______ rganized by Oxfam Hong Kong to r____ aise money to help poor people in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia and Africa. It is h___ eld in N________ ovember every year. People over 18 can g____ roup themselves into a team of four people and j___ oin the charity walk. They must finish walking a 100kilometret_____w____ rail ithin 48 hours.

The Trailwalkers have to walk t______ hrough 8 country parks and o___20 ver hills and mountains. They need to walk t______ ogether to finish the hike because only the team’s f_______ inishing time will be r_______. ecorded People will have an e_______ xcellent chance to learn team s____. pirit They should carry things with them, and they also need s______ upport teams to bring food and drinks for them. After you try your b___ est to finish the walk, you’ll find it is an e________ xperience you will never forget.

What do you need to pay attention to if you want to join a charity walk? The weather. What do you need to take / carry? An umbrella, enough water, a map, a mobile phone. What does your support team need to bring? Food and drinks, raincoats, a first–aid box.

1. It’s meaningful to support charities. 2. I don’t think you will ever finish your walk. 3. People over eighteen can group themselves into a team of four people and join this charity walk.

4. It is an excellent chance for people to learn team spirit. 5. The money is used to help poor people and to support development projects. 6. Why not try your best to help people in need?

7. Have you ever heard about a money-collecting event called Oxfam Trailwalker? 8. Let’s find two more members. 9. It’s necessary that you start training a few months before the walk. 10.We go there early in the morning , we may even hear the birds sing.

1. 学生每天准时英到校是必要的。 for students to go to It is necessary _____________________________ school on time every day ________________________.

2. 捐款给慈善机构是有意义的。 meaningful to donate money to It is ______________________________. charities

3. 你看不起其他

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