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8B Unit5 Main task课件

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Unit 5
International charities

Main task

Pair work
? How many charities do you know? ? Which is your favorite charity? ? Why?

? Look at the pictures on page 89, and try to use one sentence to describe each picture! ? Can you put the sentences in the correct order?


According to the pictures and the sentences, try to make a chart flow like this:
Mary used to
one day work… travel…

Mary says

I think

? According to the pictures and the sentences on page 90, can you make a chart flow ?
get up…

Mandeep used to one day now Mandeep says I think

? According to the chart flow, write a report on Mandeep’s life!

Try to finish it within 5 minutes!
? Read your report out!

Sample writing
? Mandeep used to get up at 5 a.m. every morning. She worked on the farm all day, planting rice in the hot sun. Her family was very poor. Mandeep did not go to school so she was unable to read and write. ? One day, a UNICEF worker came to her village. He said it was important for children to get an education. He wanted all children in the village to learn to read. He gave Mandeep some school books and she was very happy. ? Now, Mandeep goes to school every day. She can read and write. She enjoys school and is grateful to UNCEF for helping her. ? Mandeep says that she hopes to be a teacher. ? I think that it is sad that some children are too poor to go to school. If children learn to read and write, they will have a better future. Mandeep is lucky that she was helped by UNICEF. We are so lucky that we can come to school every day. I hope to work for UNICEF when I finish school.

? Do you want to work for a charity? ? Which one do you prefer in the future, working for a charity or having an ordinary job? ( * People working for a charity are not paid well. * Some are volunteers and do not get paid at all. Others work for very little money.)


Review what you have learnt today.

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