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8B Unit6 Intergrated skills课件

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Unit 6 A charity walk
Integrated skills

A charity walk

The class1, Grade 8 students want to organize a charity walk to raise money. Amy has found some information about a good place for the walk. She is making some notes. Help her complete the notes.

Starlight Town

Sunshine Town

Sunny Street

5 km south of Sunny Street

5 km

the only hill in Sunshine Town 900 metres high play hideand-seek flat land for flying kites a small lake for fishing

South hill

Moonlight Town

Name of the hill

South Hill ________________ 900 metres high about _______

Facts about the hill

the ______ only hill in ________Town Sunshine Moonlight the ______ only hill close to _________ Town and ________Town Starlight open space and fresh air

Route of the walk Time for the walk Special event

from_____________ Sunny Street to ____________ South Hill about ____________ 2 hours the___________ Kite Festival in ________ March play _______________ hide and seek

Other activities

see the beautiful view of the___________ country fly kites ___________on the flat land fishing by the lake go________

B. Complete the letter. Use the information in part A.

Dear Mr Principal I have found some information about _________. South hill It is 5 kilometres ______ South of___________. Sunny Street It is________________ about 900 metres high and is the only hill in Sunshine Town. It is also the only hill close to Starlight Town We ______________ Moonlight Town and _____________. can walk from___________ Sunny Street to South Hill. It is not a difficult walk for teenagers—it just takes about________. 2 hours

On the way, we can enjoy the beautiful view of the__________. country It is a good place for the charity walk because of the open space and_________. fresh air There is a ___________ grass is large area of flat_______. The ______ land colourful in spring. green and flowers are _________

If we go there early in the morning, we may even hear birds singing. I believe that South Hill is the perfect place for the charity walk. I hope you will find the information useful. Thank you. Yours sincerely Amy

Useful Phrases And Structures
It is 5km south of Sunny Street.

close to

hear …do…

enjoy the beautiful view of… hear the birds sing best of all South Hill is the perfect place for the charity work.

find information useful

find + n. / noun phrases + adj.

1.What skills have you learned in this period ? 2.Write a letter to the principal to suggest a place for the charity walk.


Review what you have learnt today.

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