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牛津版初中英语八年级下8B Unit5 Integrated skills课件

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Unit 5 International charities

Integrated skills

Water, please! Food, please!

Help! I want to be healthy!

War, when will you go away?

We need a better world!

The work of UNICEF

Put them into the correct order
3 2 UNICEF wants children to be healthy and to go to school. UNICEF helps make the world a better place for children . It provides clean water, food and education for poor children in many countries.

5 4 1

You can help by making a donation or doing some voluntary work.
UNICEF raises money by selling Christmas cards and organizing other fund-raising activities . UNICEF works all over the world.

1. What is UNICEF? It is part of the United Nations. 2. When was it set? It was set up in 1946.

3. Why was it set up?
Because many children’s lives were changed.

4. How many countries and areas does UNICEF work in? 161.

UNICEF was set up in ______ 1946 after the war in Europe to help children ______. These children’s lives were changed because of the war. Now, UNICEF helps children all over the world. It works in _____ 161 countries and areas. It helps governments and ______ families make the world a better place for children.

UNICEF gets the money from donations _________. It raises money by selling Christmas cards and organizing other fund-raising activities People can help _________. voluntary UNICEF by doing ________ work.

UNICEF believes that all children should have clean___________ water and food so that they can be healthy They should go __________. to___________ instead of school working to support their families.

used to spend all the pocket money on clothes and snacks used to buy new comic books every week the favorite charity is UNICEF the favorite charity is World Wide Fund

Talk to your friends about your favorite charity.

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