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8B Unit6 Grammar课件

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Unit 6

A charity walk


It is wrong that some people look down on deaf people.

It is necessary that governments help the homeless go back to their hometowns.

It is polite that students often give seats to the elderly on the bus.

It is meaningful that some doctors and nurses volunteer to work for ORBIS.

It is + adjective + that… We can say how we think about something using ‘It + is’ + adjective + ‘that’ clause.
It is necessary that you train yourself before the walk. It is necessary that you have your own support team.

It is important that we keep the water clean.

It is surprising that bears can play tennis.

It is sad that so many people are poor.

It is funny that dogs are dressed up as hotdogs.

It is strange that a policeman is riding a pig.

Translate the following sentences.
1.马克肯定考试考得好。 It is certain that Mark will do well in his exams. 2.很显然,我们正在做一件很重要的工作。 It is clear that we are doing an important job. 3.我们保持公园整洁很重要。 It is important that we keep tha park clean.

It is + adj. + to do

It is meaningful to join the Tree-planting Club.

It is important to keep parks clean.

It is easy to give seats to the elderly.

It is good to help blind people cross the road.

It is fun to do voluntary work.

It is + adj. + for sb. to do

It is necessary for you to train yourself to keep your health.

It is useful for you to have support teams to bring you food, drinks and warm and dry clothes.

It is necessary for you to support and help each other before and during the walk.

to do sth.

It is + adj. +

for sb. to do sth. that-clause

We can use the structures to express our feelings and opinions.


Review what you have learnt today.

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