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8B Unit5 Vacabulary课件

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Unit 5 International charities

ORBIS doctors treat many patients. The patients do not have to pay for the treatment.

Many people are blind. Most cases of blindness can be cured or prevented.

The doctor will operate on the patient. He will perform an operation.

1. –ment 加在一些动词后面,表示动作的过程或结果等。 agree agreement state statement move movement 2. –ness 加在一些形容词的后面,构成抽象名词,表示 性质、情况或状态等。 ill illness sick sickness kind kindness 3. –ion 加在一些动词后面,构成抽象名词,表示行为以及 行为的过程或结果、情况、状态等。 donate donation discuss discussion act action

Change the following verbs and adjectives into nouns
advertise ______________ advertisement develop ______________ development donate ______________ donation punish kind ugly ______________ punishment ______________ kindness ______________ ugliness collect rich _________________ collection _________________ richness

educate _________________ education improvement improve _________________ organize _________________ organization sick _________________ sickness

Daniel heard about UNICEF on the radio. He sent Amy an email to tell her about it. Help him complete his e-mail. Pay attention to change some of the words into nouns.
Dear Amy advertisement I heard an _____________ (advertise) for UNICEF on organization the radio. UNICEF is an ______________(organize) that improve works to ____________(improve) the lives of children. UNICEF wants to make the world a better place for children. It believes that all children should be able to receive _____________(educate) and be helped when they education are _____________(sick). They should also be treated with sick ____________(kind). kindness Daniel

Language points
1.The patients do not have to pay for the treatment. pay for 付款 spend on / cost He paid ten yuan for the book. =He spent ten yuan on the book. =The book cost him ten yuan.

2. UNICEF is an organization that works to improve the lives of children. improve = make …..better 3. They should also be treated with kindness。 本句为被动语态. 结构为 should +be +过去分词

用所给单词的适当形式填空 1 All of the students like her because of her _______(kind). 2 We made ____(advertise) on TV. 3 The patients don’t have to pay for the ____(treat). 4 The children will be able to get ____(educate).

5 The poor patient should _____(help). 6 Tom hopes that more people can send _____(donate) to ORBIS to support their work. 7 People must be _____(real) _____(grate) to you. 8 We are the _____(luck) ones.

Review what you have learnt today.

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