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8B Unit5 Welcome to the unit课件

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Unit 5 International charities

Welcome to the unit

Charities around the world

Different charities in China
1.Project Hope 2.Project Green Hope 3.Save China’s Tigers 4. Spring Bud Project

Discussion: How can we raise money?
* advertise on the Internet
* give out leaflets to ask people to donate money * sell books at a low price * organize a charity show.


World Wide Fund for Nature It can protect the wildlife, nature and environment.

It works to provide children with food, house, medicine and education.

It can help poor families and children.

It works to help people who are unable to see.

Oxfam It can make our world become fair.

Charities around the world
奥比斯 ORBIS 乐施会 Oxfam 联合国世界儿童基金会 UNICEF 世界宣明会 World Vision World Wide Fund for Nature 世界自然基金会

Which charity can help them?
A.ORBIS B. Oxfam C. UNICEF D. Spring Bud Project E. World Wide Fund for Nature Spring Bud Project Problem 1:_________________
Nancy is a 12-year-old girl. Children at her age are all in the school,but she can’t. She lives in a very poor family in a far-away village. She has two younger sisters and a little brother. Her parents are not in a good health. Nancy has to work on the farm all day.

Wide Fund for Nature Problem 2: World _____________________ Some restaurants sell dishes made in rare animals which are protected by laws. (法律)

Problem 3: _____________________ UNICEF
Children in poor areas in Africa don’t have enough food to eat or enough houses to be their shelter. They are ill, but they can’t go to hospital; they are old enough, but they can’t go to school.

Problem 4:_______ Oxfam
Mr. Johnson is out of work now. the factory he has worked in for nearly twenty years bankrupted (破产) last month. He and his workmates lost their jobs and they have less and less money to support their families. ORBIS Problem 5:_______ Mrs. Black has been blind since she was sixty years old. Now ten years past, she still can’t see anything because she is very poor and has no enough money to go to hospital.


What do people in poor areas need most? Put the following things in order a.Books g.Homes b.Cars h.Jobs



f.Health care


used to; be used to
used to + do 过去经常做

Eg: 1.We used to donate money to the poor.
2. The old man used to live in the country.

be used to + sth/doing 习惯于某事或做某事
Eg: 1. My father is used to having a walk after meals. 2. I am not used to the life here.

too...to... Eg: 1.The houses in Taizhou cost too much for most people to buy. 2. He was too excited to fall asleep last night. 3. This problem is too difficult for him to work out. so...that... Eg: 1.The show was so boring that we didn’t want to watch it. 2.She is so poor that she can’t go to school.

? 根据句意选择used to 或be used to填空

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