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( )12.-He is Jim Green. What’s his ____________ name?


A.first B. one C. full D. family

( )13._________ your name Mike?

A. An B. Are C. Is D. Be

( me some flowers.

A. give B. gives C.giving D.to give

( )15.Your watch is very nice. A.No, it isn’t. B. Yes , it is.

C.Thank you. D.Sorry.


Look! What’s in my hand? Yes. It’s a photo 1______________ a girl. Who’s 2__________? Do you know? She is 3___________good friend. And her 4_________is Lily, L-I-L-Y, Lily._5__________Lily a tall girl? No, she 6__________very tall. She’s 7___________short(矮) and thin(瘦) girl. But she’s very strong.(强壮) Lily is 8___________. And I’m thirteen, too. Lily and I are 9_______. 10__________is good and helpful. All my classmates(同学) like her.

( ) 16. A. of B. from C. in D. on

( )17. A. the boy B. the man C. the girl D. the woman

( )18.A. me B. my C. I D. I’m

( )19A. friend B. brother C. father D. name

( )20.A. is B. Is C. Are D. are

( )21.A. isn’t B. no C. not D. /

( )22.A. the B. an C. a D. some

( )23. A. eleven B. twelve C. fourteen D. thirteen

( )24. A. classmates B. sisiters C. brothers D. classmate

( )25. A. Sally B. Alan C. Lily D. Lucy



Hello, my name is Tom. I’m eight. This is my mother. Her name is Linda Smith. Her phone number is 15156487512. And this is my father. His name is Mike Smith. His phone number is 15178956686. And this is my sister. What’s her name? Her name is Mary. Look! The boy is my brother Bob. Mary is six and Bob is five.

( )26.Tom’s mother is ______________.

A.Mary Smith B. Mike Smith C. Linda Smith

( )27. Tom’s father’s phone number is ____________.

A. 15156487512 B. 15178956686 C. 13052864515

( )28.Mary is ____________.

A. six B. nine C. eight

( )29. Tom’s brother is ____________.

A. Tom B. Mike C. Bob

( )30. Tom’s family name is _____________.

A.Smith B. Bob C. Mike


I'm a Chinese(中国) girl. My name is Li Ying. I'm twelve. I'm in No. 5 Middle School(第五中学). Chen Hong is my friend. She is thirteen. Mr Wu is my Chinese teacher and Miss Zhao is my English teacher.

( )31. Li Ying is a _______ girl.

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. England

( )32. Chen Hong is ___________.

A. twelve B. thirteen C. eleven D. ten

( )33. My Chinese teacher is _________

A. Mr Chen B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( )34. My English teacher is _________

A. Miss Wu B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( ) 35. Li Ying and Chen Hong are________

A. teachers B. friends C. boys D. English


Hello! Boys and girls! I’m happy to be here. My name is Gina Green. Gina is my first name. Green is my family name. I’m 13 years old. I’m English. I’m in Tianjing now. Because (因为) my parents work (工作)here. I have (有) a happy family. Look at this photo. This is my father Tom. He is an English teacher. That is my mother ,Rose. She is an English teacher.too. They work in the same (相同的)school. I study (学习)in my parents’ school. I love my parents . They love me , too.

( )36. _______ is my last name.

A.Gina B.Green C.Gina Green D.Family name ( )37. _______ are in Tianjing now.

A.Gina B.Gina’s parents

C.Her brother and parents D.Gina and her parents ( )38. _______ are English teachers.

A. Tom B.Rose C.Tom and Rose D.Gina’s teacher ( )39. _______ is a student.

A.Gina B. Rose

C.Tom and Rose D. Gina’s brother

( )40.Gina is ________ .

A.not happy B. a girl

C.a teacher D.an American girl

四.A.填入适当的词在对话的空白处,使其意思完整正确。把词的完整答案填空到下面的横线上。(每空1分,满分10分)。 Mike: Good morning, Tom. How are you? Tom: F______(1), thank you. And you?

Mike: I’m fine, too. Is this your p____________(2)? Tom: Yes, it’s m______(3) pencil.

Mike: W_________(4) this in English? Tom: It’s a____(5) old book. Mike: And what’s this?

Tom: It’s a d_____________(6).

Mike: How do you s____________ it? Tom: D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y.

Mike: Is it an E___________(8) dictionary? Tom: No, it’s a Chinese d___________(9)

Mike: Very good. Oh, it’s time to go home. G______________.(10) Tom: Bye-bye.

1_________ 2_______ 3_________ 4_________ 5________ 6_________ 7_________ 8________ 9_________ 10________

B.根据汉语或首字母提示用正确的词完成句子。(共10小题,每题1分)。 1. My name _____________(是) Dale Miller.

2. ___________ _____________(她的朋友) is Zhang Mingming. 3. Excuse me, is that your p_____________________?(铅笔) 4. Look at the ______________(堂兄弟)!They’re very lovely. 5. T_______________ is my schoolbag. (那是)

6. –Is this your car?

-No, it i_______.

7.____________ family name is Brown. (她的)

8.How do you s_____________ your name?

9.T ____________ you very much.



Name: Alice Green

School: PEL Middle School

Phone Number: 951—3397

Age:10 years old

1. What’s her first name ?

2. Is she a student ?

3.What’s her telephone number ?

4.What’s her last name ?

5.How old is she?


1. 早上好,李红!



3. 他叫戴夫。(Dave)


4. 你的电话号码是多少?

5. 这是我爸爸。

七.作文。(20分)以 My Family 为题写一篇作文。 不少于50 词。

提示词: photo , my, these, are , Bob, Eric, cousin, sister, brother, Jenny, dog, Coco , grandparents, parents, father, mother

My Family

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