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1.-Where ______she go on vacation last summer? -She _______to New York City.

A. did, does B. does, went C. did, went D. do, go

2. I _______ to Jim’s birthday party because I was busy at home.

A. didn’t go B. went C. don’t D. go

3. -- Did they clean the house yesterday?

-- _______.They cleaned it at five.

A. No, they don’t. B. Yes, they did.

C. No, they didn’t. D. Yes, they do.

4.-- _______was the weather in Toronto?

--It was windy.

A. What B. How C. When D. Where

5. They were _______ vacation when I _______ to visit them.

A. for; go B. in; come C. to; came D. on; went

6. Where _______ he _______ last Saturday?

A. did, go B. did, went C. is, go D. was, went

7. How _______the people there?

A. is B. was C. were D. did

8. –How was the weather there?

-- _______.

A. It was sunny and warm. B. I loved it.

C. It was delicious. D. Very friendly.

9. Sichuan food is ______ . I like it very much.

A. bad B. awful C. boring D. delicious

10.—Have a good vacation, Mrs. Green.

-- _______.

A. Thank you very much. B. You’re welcome.

C. Here you are. D. I don’t think so.

11. -- _______ do you go swimming?

--Every day.

A. How often B. When C. How many D. How long

12. What time do you get up _______ weekends?

A. in B. of C. on D. to

13. He _______ goes to the movies.

A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

14.-How was the weather yesterday?

-It rained _______. People could _______ go out.

A. hardly, hard B. hard, hard C. hardly, hardly D. hard, hardly

15. The old man is very well because he often _______ .

A. drinks B. exercises C. sleeps D. plays


sisters.They are my and my good friends,too.We live in the town,so we can each other very often.We know each other quite .Mary and Linda look the same, in many ways.Mary is a few hours older,but a little .She is heavier and smarter.How about Linda,then? She is thinner and more outgoing.,but Linda is more active.She is better at sports than Mary..

16_________ 17_________ 18_________ 19_________ 20__________

21_________ 22_________ 23________ 24________ 25__________



Last Sunday it was snowy. Maria stayed at home .Her cousin Cara, came to visit her .She came back from Beijing .She told Maria something about her vacation .“It was pretty good .”she said .Cara visited the Palace Museum and the Great Wall .She took many photos.

It was lunch time .Maria's parents were not at home. They decided to cook by themselces(她们自己).Maria cooked some noodles with some pepperoni,tomatoes,and pepper .After Cara ate up the noodles ,she said slowly , “I think it is delicious !” But Maria thought the food was too awful .She said,“Carrie, thank you, but I put too much pepper.”


1.The weather was snowy and cold.

2.Carrie came backfrom America.

3.Carrie's vacation was not very good.

4.Maria's mother cooked for them.

5.Carrie thought the food was awful.


Kevin is a good student.he is always friendly. He likes his school and loves school life.he likes sports and he likes playing basketball very much. He enjoys listening to music,too.

Kevin usually gets up early in the morning. Then he goes skateboarding in the open air. Kevin studies very hsrd, and he always listens to the teather carefully in class. He does his homework every day, and ofen works late at night, and he hardly ever wathes TV, so he always gets good grades.he often helps others with their studies. He is very popular in his class and we should learn from him.


6. Kevin likes playing ( ) very much.

A. soccer B. tennis C. basketball D.volleyball

7.Kevin usually gets up early in the morning to( )

A. clean the door B. go skateboarding C. do homework D.read English

8.In class Kevin always ( )

A. talks with others B. listens to music C. plays with a ruler D.listens to the teacher carefully

9. He always gets good grades because ( )

A. he listens to the teacher carefully in class B. he does his homework every day.

C. he hardly ever waches TV D. A,Band C

10.which of the following is true?

A. teachers and students like Kevin a lot B. Kevin runs every morning

C. Kevin doesn’t help others D.Kevin likes singing very much


There are many ways to keep healthy. Different people have different ways.Lisa’s father thinks riding a bike is the best way because he likes to go to work by bike. And their home isn’t far from his bank. Lisa thinks running is better than riding, so she runs every day. However, her mother thinks it’s boring. She loves walking to work. Lisa’s sister likes flying kites. She goes to fly kites once a week. Lisa’s brother thinks playing ping-pong is a good way to keep healthy. He plays it every morning.

11.( ) likes riding a bike to work.

A. Lisa’s mother B. Lisa’s father C. Lisa’s brother D.Lisa’s sister

12. Lisa’s father works in a ( )

A. bank B. school C.police station D.store

13. Lisa’s sisiter likes ( )

A. fishing B. flying kites C. swimming D.playing basketball

14.Lisa runs ( )

A. once a week B. every week C. every day D. three times a day

15.the best title(题目) is ( )

A. Different ways to keep healthy B. Different people, different likes

C. Hoe to eat healthy D. H ow often do you exercise


1. There are a lot of tall_________ (build ) in Beijing.

2. We decided _____________(visit) museums this summer.

3. The students have quite a few ____________ (activity) after class. They can sing, dance or play basketball.

4. I don’t feel like __________ (walk) around the town.

5. The twins look the same. But they also have some _____________ (different).

6. I eat a lot of ______________ (vegetable)every day.

7. Bill ___________ (say)he never drinks coffee.

8. You don’t look well. You should look after your ____________ (healthy).

9. She exercises __________ (much) than before to keep healthy.

10. My mother wants me ______________ (drink) milk every day.


Hello, everyone! My name is Peter. I think a good friend is like a mirror. I’m tall and have short hair. My best friend Jack looks similar to me. I’m quiet and like reading books. He likes reading , too. So we often spend time together reading and studying. I like sports. I play basketball very well and he is good at playing basketball too. I don’t think it’s easy for me to make friends because I’m quieter than most of the other boys. But I think friends are like books—you don’t need a lot of them as long as they are good.


1,What does Peter look like?


2, Who is Peter’s best friend?


3, Does Jack like reading?


4, What do they often spend time doing?


5, What does Peter think of friends?



Here are the results of the students’ activities survey in my class._______________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


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