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七年级英语下Unit2 Period 2课件ppt

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Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

Period 2
Section A 1b 2b 3a 3b

Let’s show!
Your pen pal from the UK is in our city today. Please introduce the buildings (建筑物) near your home to him / her. ? There is … ? There are …

Let’s look at the map below !



listen and fill in the blanks

1.The library is between _______ the restaurant ___ and the supermarket. 2.The park is across __________ from the bank. 3.The supermarket is on __ Fifth Avenue. 4. The pay phone is ______ next to the post office. 5.The restaurant is _________ in front of the post office. 6.The hotel is ______ behind the library.


There is a restaurant across from the supermarket.

2、在图书馆前面有一些学生。 There are some students in front of library.

A. 某地有某物。

There is + a/an + n. + in the ….
There are + (some) + n.-s + in the ….
2 某物 3 在某地

1、在第六条大街上没有银行。 There isn’t a bank on the Sixth Avenue. 2、在我们学校没有外国学生。

There aren’t any foreign students in our school.

B. 某地没有某物。
There isn’t + a/an + n. + in the ….
There aren’t + (any) + n.-s + in the ….

1 没有

2 某物

3 在某地

1、这附近有超市吗? 有,就在医院和公园中间。 -- Is there a supermarket near here? -- Yes, there is a supermarket between the hospital and the park. 2、在中心街有一些餐馆吗?没有。 --Are there any restaurants on Center Street?

C. 某地有某物吗?
Is there + a/an + n. + in the …?
Are there + (any) + n.-s + in the …?


2 某物 3 在某地吗

There be句型表示某地或某时有某人或某物 There is+单数名词(或不可数名词) There are+复数名词 1.There is some money in the purse. 2. There are two pens in the box.

have/has 表示某人拥有某物。 Eg. I have a new pen.
She has some pictures.

Let’s learn

turn left

turn right

go straight

turn left

go straight


turn right

Do you know them?

on the left on your left

on the right
on your right

The post office is on your right. It’s next to…

Xingfu Street

post office



Center ST

turn left

go straight down Center Street




The library is between the restaurant and the supermarket. Turn left at Fifth Avenue

Go straight down Bridge Street. Where’s the library?

Is there a pay phone in the neighborhood?
Yes, there is. Go straight down Fifth Avenue.

Turn right at Bridge Street.

The pay phone is on the right, next to the post office.

3a Read and find Paul and Nancy in the picture. Paul: Excuse me. Is there a hotel in the neighborhood?
Nancy: Yes, there is.Just go straight and turn left. It’s down Bridge Street on the right. It’s next to a supermarket. Paul: Thank you very much.

Nancy: You’re welcome.

3b 1 . Is there a

pay phone in the ne

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