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七年级英语下Unit2 Period 4课件ppt

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Unit 2 Where’s the post office?

Period 4
Section B 3b Self check 4b

Do you design (设计) a good place for you to live around? What do you want to

have in your neighborhood? Can you show
it to us?

Look at the picture and fill in the blanks for this tour guide.

Come to visit Bridge Street
Bridge Street is a good place to have fun. It is very busy street. You can play the park . It’s there , between guitar in the _______ restaurant and the _________ the _________ post office . And if you’re hungry, you can buy some food in supermarket . It’s __________ across from the post the ___________ office.

Read the tour guide again and answer the questions as quickly as possible.

1.How is Bridge Street? 2.Where can you play the guitar?

3.Where’s the park?
4.Where can you buy some food? 5. Where’s the supermarket?

A: Where’s your home? B: My home is …… A: How do you get to school every day? B: I get to school …… A: Can you tell me the way to school from your home? B: Sure ……

Dear friend, I know you are arriving next Sunday. Let me tell you the way to my house. Take a taxi from the airport. You pass a bank on your right and then go down Long Street. You go through Six Avenue ,Seven Avenue, and Eighth Avenue. When you see a big market, turn left. Then go down Bridge Street and turn left at New park. Go down Center Street and my house is on your right.
I hope you have a good trip. Yours,

Read and draw!


airport bank
Bridge Street Long Street Eight Ave Seven Ave Six Ave supermarket

Center Street New park My house

Write a tour guide for your neighborhood.

One describes the neighborhood, the other draw the route.

You can begin with:


1. My house is on a busy street. 2. I know …

3. Welcome to …
4. … is a good place to … 5. ......

(1) Excuse me. Where’s the post office? 劳驾, 邮局在哪里? (2) Excuse me. Which is the way to the post office? 劳驾, 去邮局是哪条路? (3) Excuse me .Can you tell me the way to the post office? 劳驾, 你能告诉我去邮局的路吗? (4) Excuse me. Do you know the way to the post office? 劳驾, 你知道去邮局的路吗?


(5) Excuse me. How can I get to the post office? 劳驾, 我怎么才能去邮局? (6) Excuse me. Can you tell me how I can get to the post office ? 劳驾, 你能告诉我怎么才能去邮局吗? (7) Excuse me. Is there a post office? 劳驾, 附近有邮局吗?

2. 指路的表达方式: (1) 地点 + be + 方位介词短语. The pay phone is between the post office and the library. (2) Go (straight) along…(沿着……直走) Go straight along Band Street. (3) Turn left / right at the +序数词 + “crossing 在第……个十字路口向左 / 右拐. Turn left at the first crossing.

Ask for directions(问路)
? ? ? ? ?


Excuse me. Where’s the…? Is there a… near here/in the neighborhood? Can you tell me how to get to the…? Can you tell me the

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