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2014年中考英语专项练习 阅读理解题

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2014年中考英语专项练习 阅读理解题

A (2013·北京)

I bought a jasmine plant for my office. When I bought it, I was

told it would bloom(开花) and the sweet smell would fill my office.

I had the plant for two months, and every day I looked at it, but there

weren’t any flowers or pleasant smell. I was not happy, so I gave the

plant to my friend Linda.

One day, another friend Mary called and invited me to her office.

When I walked in, her jasmine flowers surprised me. I reached out to

touch the flowers. Mary cut some and gave them to me. I couldn’t

help smelling them. Surrounded by the sweet smell of only a handful of these flowers, I suddenly understood something.

Mary bought her plant the same time I did. It took a year for her jasmine to bloom. I was so impatient for mine to bloom; regretfully, I gave it away.

In a way my life is like the jasmine plant. I need to be patient and let things happen.

Last Sunday Linda told me that she was going abroad the next week. Before she left, she returned the plant to me. This time I am going to wait. I have learned that when we want something in our life, we have to be patient. I am slowly learning to have that patience to wait for my jasmine to bloom.

1. Before she gave the jasmine away, the writer had it for .

A. one day

A. unhappy B. one year C . two weeks D. two months B. peaceful C. hopeful D. surprised 2. When the writer saw Mary’s jasmine, she felt____________ .

3. What has the writer learned from her experience?

A. Patience is needed in life.

B. Flowers can make life better.

C. Friendship is necessary for us.

D. Jasmine can be a wonderful plant.

B (2013·贵州遵义)

One day Tony was crossing the road when he was hit a car. He fell and broke his arm.

He was sent to a hospital. There a doctor operated on his arm. Then he put the arm in a cast(石膏). Tony could not move it at all.

“You must keep your arm in a cast for a month.” The doctor said, “That will give the bone(骨头) a chance to get well”.

A moment later, Tony went back to the hospital. The doctor used a large knife to cut the cast. Then he took Tony’s arm out of the cast.

“Can you move your arm, Tony?” he asked.

Tony tried to move his arm. At last it was difficult, but soon he could move it easily.

“Yes, it’s fine”. He said, “Thank you very much”

“In a few days it will be as good as before.” the doctor said, “Just exercise it a little every day.”


“Will I be able to play the guitar?” Tony asked.

The doctor smiled, “Of course, you will.” He said, “you will have no problems.”

“That’s good news.” Tony said, “Because I couldn’t play it at all before.

1. How did Tony break his arm?

A. He was hit by a car B. He fell off a bike C.A guitar fell on him

2. How long did he have to keep his arm in a cast?

A. One week B. Four weeks C.A few days

3. How was Tony’s arm when the doctor cut the cast?

A. It was OK B. It was hurt C. It was worse.

4. What did the doctor tell him to do after the cast was taken off?

A. See another doctor B. Play the guitar C. Exercise his arm.

5. Why was Tony pleased?

A. The doctor gave him a guitar.

B. The doctor said he didn’t have to work again

C. He thought he could be able to play the guitar.


Dear Owner, please listen to me,

My life is likely to last ten to fifteen years. Any separation(分离) from you will make me sad. Remember that before you buy me.

Give me time to understand what you want of me.

Don't be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as a punishment. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I have only you.

Don’t forget to feed me. I’ll be happy if you give me my favorite food--bones.

Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice when you’re speaking to me.

Take care of me when I get old. You, too, will grow old.

Go with me or difficult journeys. Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember, I love you.


Judge the following sentences True (T) or False (F).

1. Leo is probably a dog's name.

2. Leo can live to the age of fifty.

3. Leo, unlike his owner, has many friends.

4. We should treat old dogs well, because everyone will get old.

5. Dogs won't care whether you are with them or not on their difficult journeys.

D (2013· 湖南娄底)

The earth is our home. We must take care of it. Life today is easier but there are some new problems. One of the biggest problems is pollution. Pollution comes in many forms. It is beginning to harm our health and even our life.


Many years ago, the problem was not so serious because there weren’t so many people. In other words, the more people, the more pollution. Now man is slowly polluting the whole world.

Air pollution is still the most serious. It’s not good for living things in the world.

Many countries don’t let people burn anything bad for air in houses and factories in the city. SO2 is now the most dangerous pollution. It’s partly caused by heavy traffic. People say it’s best to ride a bicycles are expensive or people are tired. It’s because cars are more convenient(方便的),so more people go to work by car, and then the situation is getting worse and worse. We should make it so difficult and expensive for drivers to drive their cars into the city. They will go back to use their bicycles.

1. From the passage, life today is easier but there are some new problems, one of the biggest problems is ____________.

A. food B. pollution C. traffic

2. Many years ago, the problem was not so _________ because there weren’t so many people.

A. serious B. light C. simple

3. What kind of pollution is still the most serious?

A. Noise B. Water C. Air

4.Why don’t most people go to work by bicycle?

A. Because bicycles are expensive. B. Because cars are more convenient.

C. Because people are tired.

5. From the passage, what do you think is the best way to go to work in the future?

A. Taking a car. B. Taking a bus C. Riding a bike.

E (2013·江苏泰州)

What's going to happen in the future? Will robots control our planet? Will computers become smarter than us? Not likely. But here are some things that scientists say are most

likely to happen in 10 to 30 years from now, according to the BBC.

Digital money

We used to pay with cash(现金) for everything we bought. Now when we use a

credit card(信用卡) to shop online, money is spent without us seeing it. That means

we are already using digital money. Using a card is much easier than searching our pockets for change. It is also safer than carrying a lot of cash.

When ATM cards were first introduced, they were not accepted everywhere. But now it's hard to live without them. It's reported that people in Sweden completely stopped using cash last year, and the US might be next.

Bionic(仿生的) eye

It's no longer something only in a science fiction movie. People who are blind may have a chance to get their sight back—by wearing bionic eyes.

A blind eye can no longer sense light, but a bionic eye can use a camera to “see” the environment and send data(数据) to the mind. Now the bionic eye only allows patients to see lights and unclear shapes. A high resolution(高清的) image could be just a few years away.

Self-driving cars


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