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( )1.(2013湖北鄂州)— Mum, I’m too thirsty.

—How about having some_______?

A. oranges B. cakes

C. mutton D. apple juice

( )2.Two and three is _______.

A.two B.three C.five

( )3.-----_______your name, please. ----T-I-N-A.

A.How B.What C.Spell

( )4.here ______some ice-cream for you, Jim.

A.are B.is C.be

( )5.Thanks______your family photo.

A.of B.for C.in

( )6.-----How is your sister? -----She is _______.

A.good B.nice C.well

( )7.-----Jane,is that your book? ----Yes,_______.

A.thank B.thanks C.thanks you

( )8.Please call me______637-4456.

A.at B.in C.for

( )9.The map is in your_______room.

A.parents’ B.parent’s C. parents’s

( )10.-----Where is your tape player? ----Sorry,________.

A.I don’t know B.yes, it is C.I’m fine

( )11.----_______Linda? ----Look, she is in the classroom.

A.What’s B.Where’s C.How’s

( )12.I don’t like play tennis. It’s so_______.

A.interesting B .relaxing C.boring

( )13.Jack is a sports star. He plays football very______.

A.well B.good C.nice

( )14.My mother______me a question_______my dog.

A.asked,about B.ask,for C.asks,to

( )15.Mom, this skirt is too long, can you give me a ______one?

A.short B.small C.big



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