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I. 单项选择 (30%)

1. By the time I ______ outside, the bus _______already.

A. get ; left B. got ; had left C. got; has left D. get, has left

2. My alarm clock didn’t _____ yesterday morning, so I woke up very late.

A. go up B. go by C. go off D. go down

3. --There will be an important meeting in our class. The meeting will start at 8:00 a.m. Please be here _____.

--Yes, Mr. Li.

A. in time B. on time C. for time D. by time

4. --______ you ever _____ late for school ?

--Yes, I ______.

A. Are, be; am B. Do, be; do C. Did, were; did. D. Have, been; have

5. --Don’t forget ______ your homework to school when you come tomorrow, Mike. --No, I won’t.

A. bringing B. take C. will fetch D. to bring

6. --______ Dave yesterday ?

--He fell down from his bike.

A. What did happen B. What happened to

C. What was happening on D. What happened for

7. Last Friday night my friend invited me _____ some videos.

A. to watch B. watching C. watched D. watch

8. --Don’t______ too late, or you’ll feel tired tomorrow.

-- No, mum. Good night.

A. get up B. wake up C. eat up D. stay up

9. Mrs. Green ______ in 2000 , so she ______ for about 11 years.

A. has got married; has been married B. got married ; married

C. got married; has been married D. married; married

10. The story was so wonderful that _________ people have believed it.

A. hundred of B. hundreds of C. hundreds D. hundred

11. Mr. Smith drove by and gave me a _______ on the way.

A. flight B. run C. walk D. ride

12. ________ his farther and his mother want him to be a doctor in the future.

A. Neither B. Either C. All D. Both

13. Now people has realized that it’s important to protect the environment, so they stop ______ down the trees.

A. to cut B. cutting C. cut D. will cut

14. His father kept working for 12 hours. Now he is _________ and needs a good rest.

A. embarrassed B. exhausted C. lucky D. energetic

15. Percy called me to come to the party, but she herself didn’t ______.

A. show around B. show up C. put up D. come up with

16.--Excuse me, can you please tell me _______ ?

-- Sure.

A. where can I get a dictionary B. where I can get a dictionary

C. Can I where get a dictionary D. I can where get a dictionary

17. --Excuse me . how can I get to the bank ?

-- There is a bank on _____ second floor. Take _____ escalator to the second floor and turn _____ right. The bank is next to it.

A. the; the; / B. /, the, the C. the; / ; the D. /; / the

18. --Could you tell me how _______ the post office ?


A. get B. getting C. got D. to get to

19. There is a drugstore ____ the furniture store and the bookstore.

A. among B. on C. over D. between

20. --Excuse me, can I buy some shampoo nearby ?

--Yes, there is a store here. You should ______ get shampoo here.

A. can B. be able to C. could D. might

21. She often goes to the mall because her friends _____ there.

A. come out B. go out C. run out D. hang out

22. Yu Yue doesn’t like going to the shop because she always spends ______

when she goes into a shop.

A. many too B. too much C. much too D. too many

23. I like going to the Square because it’s fun ______ beautiful girls passing by.

A. watch B. watches C. watching D. to watch

24. --Do you know _____ there are any public restroom around here ?

-- Yes.

A. if B. where C. when D. how

25. _____ you please ____ me with my English ?

A. Could ; to help B. Could ; help C. Can ; to help D. Would ; to help

26. The games have been organized very well and all the staff _____ clowns.

A. wear B. put on C. dress D. dress up as

27. Mr. Smith loves collecting stamps and he _____ stamps for many years.

A. has been collecting B. collected C. is collecting D. collects

28. I’m new here. So I don’t know where there’s a good place _____.

A. played B. playing C. to play D. play

29. I like fishing and playing computer games, but I prefer ______ to ______.

A. going fishing , playing computer games

B. to go fishing ; play computer games

C. go fishing; play computer games

D. going fishing; to play computer games

30. Your plan _____ very good and we’ll think about it right away.

A. hear B. listens to C. sounds D. looks at

Ⅱ. 完形填空 (10%) that the number similar to. the word for the number 8 sounds similar to the word for “making a fortune”. So, people consider (认为) a very lucky number. Some people will even spend a lot of money plate (车牌照) numbers. The opening ceremony(典礼)1. A. name B. date C. number D. time

2. A. take B. get C. carry D. bring

3. A. believed B. is believing C. believes D. are believed

4. A. sounds B. hears C. listens to D. sees

5. A. Like B. Such as C. As for D. For example

6. A. these B. it C. this D. one

7. A. to have B. having C. have D. had

8. A. and B. but C. yet D. or

9. A. begins B. began C. will begin D. has begun

10. A. in B. at C. on D. since

Ⅲ. 阅读理解(30%)


Last night there was a knock at our door at about 10 o’clock . Nobody was more amused(快乐的) than my mother when she opened the door. My uncle Jim was standing there. He went to America twelve years ago and as far as we knew(就我们所知), he had never been back to Hong Kong since then. We were all pleased to see him because he was such a jolly(高兴的,愉快的)man. During supper he told us all about his journey. “Did you come by train?” asked little Tom, and we all laughed. Uncle Jim said he was a businessman and had made enough money to be able

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