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(范围:中考范围 全卷满分120分, 考试时间120分钟)




( )1. A. Yes, I like. B. Yes,I do. C. Yes,I am.

( )2. A. Don?t say that. B. I?m sorry to hear that. C. Thank you.

( )3. A. It doesn?t matter.. B. Sure. C. That sounds interesting.

( )4. A. Yes, I do. B. Sure, I?d love to. C. At 7:30.

( )5. A. No thanks. B. That?s right. C. You?re welcome.

( ) 6.


( ) 7.


第二节:对话理解。 (共8个小题,每小题1分,计8分)


( ) 8. A. At 12:00. B. At 12:30. C. At 12:10.

( ) 9. A. It?s windy. B. It?s raining. C. It?s sunny.

( )10. A. He doesn?t like his computer. B. He has a cold. C. His computer is broken.

( )11. A. By listening to the radio.

B. By joining English club.

C. By asking the teacher for help.

( )12. A. He?s working on the computer. B. He?s watching TV. C. He?s cooking.

( )13. A. The supermarket. B. The bank. C. The school.

( ) 14. A. She has big eyes. B. She is tall. C. She has long hair.

( ) 15. A. Quiet and gentle music. B. Dancing music. C. Rock music.

第三节:短文理解。 (共5个小题,每小题1分,计5分)


( ) 16.Why do many students wear glasses?

A. Because they watch TV too much. B. Because the glasses are cool.

C. Because they like wearing giasses.

( ) 17. How many children does the mother have ?

A. Three B. Two C. Four

( ) 18. What does the mother always worry ?

A. Her children watch too much TV. B. Her children eat too much every day.

C. Her children listen to the music too much in class.

( ) 19. What does the mother think it?s very important for her children to do ?

A.Watch TV more. B. To play computer games C. To read some books.

( ) 20. What has the mother decided to do at last ?

A. She has decided to sell the TV set . B.She has decided to buy a new TV set .

C.She has decided to sell her children?s MP4.



( )21.Playing with ____ robot is ___ unusual experience for me.

A. an; an B. a; an C. the; a D. a; a

( )22.No one knows if he ____ here tomorrow. If he ____, I?ll let you know as soon as


A. will come, comes B. comes, will come

C. comes,comes D. will come,will come

( )23. Mike likes ____ noodles for breakfast.

A. tomatoes and eggs B. tomato and egg C. tomato and eggs D. tomatos and eggs

( )24.—Dad, must I finish my homework today?

—No, you ________ . You may do it tomorrow.

A. needn?t B. mustn?t C. don?t D. won?t

( )25.We were very

A. frustrating, frustrated B. frustrated, frustrating

C. frustrate, frustrating D. frustrated, frustrate

( )26. It_____four hours from Beijing to Guangzhou by air

A.spends B.takes C.pays D.cost

( )27. —Look! The man in a white suit_______ be Mr. Green. He likes wearing white clothes. —No, it ________ be him. He is in black today.

A. must, can?t B. must, mustn?t C. can?t, can?t D. can?t, mustn?t

( )28. A new bridge will _____ the river.

A. be built on B. be built across C. build across D. build on

( )29.—Where is Macia? —She____the supermarket.

A.has gone to B.has been to C.has gone D.has been

( )30 The policeman asked me________.

A.where did he live B.where does he live

C.where he lives D.where he lived

( )31. — Can you tell me what to wear at the party?

— If I _______ you, I ________ the blue jeans.

A. am, will wear B. was, will wear C. were, would wear D. were, wore

( )32. ____ is easy for a child ________up and know where they are.

A. It , waking B. That , to wake C. That, waking D. It. to wake

( )33. —How often do you go swimming? —______________.

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