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(总分:150分 考试时间:120分钟 )



第一部分 听力 (30分)

第一节 听句子: 根据你所听到的句子,选择恰当的答语。(句子读两遍)(5分)

1. A. I think we should change schools.

B. I think our school rules should be changed.

C. I think we should be allowed to make our own decisions.

2. A. It’s interesting. B. Sounds good. C. I like it very much.

3. A. I’m not allowed to play computer games. B. I often go to sleep late.

C. Oh, I don’t agree.

4. A. Sorry, I won’t. B. OK, I don’t . C. Yes, I’d love to.

5.A.In 2003. B. For five years. C. Two years ago.

第二节 听对话:(25分)

(A) 从A、B、C三幅图画中选出符合对话内容的图画。(对话读两遍)(6分)



(7)A B C



(9)A B C






(B) 根据你所听到的对话,选择正确的答案。(对话读两遍)(14分)


12. How long has Ann lived in London?

A. For five years. B. For ten years. C. For fifteen years.

13. How many languages can Mr. Lee speak?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five.

听第二段对话,回答第l 4、15小题:

14.Who told Sophia the good news?

A. Her teacher. B. Her classmate. C. Her good friend.

15. How many students in Sophia’s class won prizes?

A. Only one. B. Two. C. Three.


16. What is Li Ting weak in?

A. Listening. . B. Speaking. C. Writing.

17. What is Li Ting afraid of?.

A. Making mistakes. B. Taking an exam. C. Talking with her teacher. 听第四段对话,回答第18、19小题:

18.How will Peter go to Beijing?

A. By car. B. By train. C. By plane.

19. What does the woman think of traveling by train?

A. Cheap and safe. B. A waste of time. C. Tiring. 听第五段对话,回答第20、21小题:

20. What kind of room does the woman want?

A. A single room. B. A double room. C. A family room.

21. How long will the woman stay there?

A. For two days. B. For three days. C. For four days. 听第六段对话,回答第22、23小题:

22. Where was Mary when Tom called her?

A. In a park. B. In a car. C. In a library.

23. What were Mary’s parents doing yesterday afternoon?

A. Playing games. B. Listening to music. C. Reading a book. 听第七段对话,回答第24、25小题:

24. What did Jack do during the vacation?

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