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一 听句子,选择与画面一致的选项。每组句子听一遍。(每小题1分)

1.(A B C) 2.(A B C) 3.(A B C) 4.(A B C)


( )5 A Yes, I have. B In the city. C Excited

( ) 6 A At eight B with my teacher C By asking the teacher for help

( ) 7 A Yes, I do. B No, I didn?t. C Very interesting

( ) 8 A I hate it. B I have to clean the room. C Very big.

( ) 9 A On weekends. B Beautiful C In the park

( ) 10 A In the English club B It?s over there C It?s interesting.

三 听对话和对话后的问题,选择正确答案。每组对话和问题听两遍。(每小题1分) ( ) 11 A Yes, he did. B No, he didn?t. C Yes , he does.

( ) 12 A by 11 B By 10 C After 10

( ) 13 A Tall B Quiet C Outgoing

( ) 14 Yes, she has. B No, she hasn?t. C We don?t know.

( ) 15 A By watching TV B By listening to tape C By reading aloud.

四 听一段对话和对话后的问题,选择正确答案。 对话和问题听两遍。(每小题1分) ( )16 What are they talking about?

A Music B The tickets C A concert

( ) 17 Who are the Wild and Windy?

A The name of a CD B Members of a band C The boy?s good friends

( ) 18 What does the boy?s mother thinks of music?

A She likes it B She thinks it?s noisy. C She thinks it?s cool.

( ) 19 How did the boy know the concert?

A From the TV B He saw the ad. C His friend told him.

( ) 20 Can the boy go to the ticket?

A Yes, he can. B No, he can?t. C We don?t know.

五 听录音,根据短文内容补全所缺单词。短文听两遍。(每小题1分)

Hainan lies in the south of China, where everything is quite____from here in Shandong. The weather there is often changeable, sunny or rainy. No matter what weather it is, it?s very hot there. So sunglasses, a hat, an umbrella and swimsuit are the things you should take with you. The is very clean. It?s our to keep it clean. There are many kinds of activities there. You can go fishing, swimming, driving, surfing every day, if you like. If you want to relax yourself quietly, you can stay on the white beach. We can

a lot more interesting things.


26. ——How long ______he _______this book? ——For two months

A. does, keep B. has , borrowed C. has, kept D. does, borrow

27.______ you ever ______ to England?

A. Do go B .Have been C. Have gone D. Have went

28. I don?t have a friend _____.

A. to talk B. talking to C. to practice English D. to chat with

29. He is afraid________ snakes,

A .to B. of C .about D .on

30. Unless he _______, he _____the test.

A. study hard , will pass B .will study hard , passes

C. studies hard, will fail D .doesn?t study hard, will fail

31. ____ he _____ get up early?

A. Did used B. Is use C. Does use D. Did use

32. I go to sleep ____ the window ______

A. with opened B. with open C. with on D. open on 33 He _____China since he _____ to China.

A learned , came B has learned , comes

C have learned , came D has learned ,came

34. The new school _________ in the past five years.

A built B has been built C has built D will be built

35. I will have my hair ______

A .cutted B. cut C. cuts D cutting

36. His mother ____ him ____ the games.

A .is allowed , to play B. doesn?t allow , to play

C doesn?t allow play D. is allowed play

37. We _____others? homework.

A .against copying B. are against to copy

C. are against copying D. againsted copying

38. The flower ______ every day.

A. must water B. must watered

C must be watered B. So does Paul D. will be watered 39. Tom likes English ,___________ A .Neither does Paul C. So has Paul D. Neither has Paula C. change into D. change as 40.The teachers ________ us _______ their children. A. regard as B. regard into





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