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九年级 英语





( )1.

Which sign are they talking about?

( )2.

What will the girl probably buy for her father?

( )3.What does the girl want to be when she grows up?

( )4.What was the weather like last Saturday?

( )5.

Where is Peter now?


( )6.A.On June 1st,1994. B.Yichang,1994. C.Li Ping,1994.

( )7.A.He is my brother. B.He is a teacher. C.She is a worker.

( )8.A.Never mind. B.Thank you all the same. C.You are welcome.

( )9.A.They are not mine. B.They are not cheap enough.

C.They cost 60 yuan.

( )10.A.In the open air. B.On foot. C.Just a moment. 第三节:听对话,选出能回答问题的正确选项,并将其字母代号填入试卷相应空格内。每段对话听两遍。(10分)


( )11.What’s the man doing?

A.He’s doing his homework.

B.He’s writing a letter.

C.He’s sending an e-mail.

( )12.Where does the man’s pen friend live?

A.In England. B.In America. C.In Australia. 听第二段对话,回答第13~15题。

( )1 3.What happened to Emily this morning?

A.She woke up too late. B.She woke up too early.

C.She didn’t feel well.

( )14.Where were her classmates when she got to school?

A.They were having a math lesson in the classroom.

B.They were in a park as volunteers.

C.They were out of the classroom,having a P.E.1esson.

( )15.Did she go back home at noon?

A.No.she left the keys at home.

B.Yes,she did.

C.We don’t know.


( )16.Why is John so excited?

A.Because he will go to dinner with his friends next week

B.Because he will go for a trip next Friday.

C.Because he will go to see his parents next week.

( )17.Where are they going next week?

A.He will go to Hong Kong next week.

B.He will go to the USA next Friday.

C.He will go to England with his parents next week.

( )18.When are they going to leave?

A.On June 29th. B.On July 29th. C.On June 19th. 听第四段对话,回答第19—20题。

( )19.What was the man teaching at a hotel on the beach?

A.Swimming and water skiing.

B.Swimming and diving.

C.Swimming and fishing.

( )20.Was the man enjoying his trip to the USA?

A.Yes,he was.

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