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初 三 英 语 试 卷

试卷Ⅰ(选择题,共60 分)



( ) 1. ________ Yancheng you see today is _______ different city from what it used to be.

A. The, a B. /, a C. A, the D. The , /

( )2. There is a small wooden house ______________the trees.

A. over B. among C. in D. between

( ) 3. Jacky is not old enough to take care of ________. He is only four years old.

A. he B .his C .him D. himself

( )4. “Show me your ticket, ________ I won’t let you in.” the guard(保安) said angrily.

A. so B. or C. but D. and

( ) 5. To protect the environment, supermarket doesn’t _________ free plastic bags to shoppers.

A. take B. provide C. show D. offer

( ) 6. ----I have great ________ in learning math and I’m so worried. Could you help me ? ----Sure, I’d be glad to.

A. trouble B. interest C. joy D. fun

( ) 7.Many young people in Beijing can’t ____________to buy flats.

A. effect B. afford C. affect D. effort

( )8. Eating some Deo Perfume Candies(香体糖)makes you smell __________.

A. soft B. frightened C. sweet D. friendly

( ) 9. ---I want to know if I can smoke here?

---No, you _________. Could you see the sign “NO SMOKING” there?

A. needn’t B. couldn’t C. won’t D. mustn’t

( ) 10. You need to_________ the application form first if you want to join the students’ union.

A. give out B set up C. fill in D. send out

( ) 11. ________ funny joke Lisa told us!

A .What B .What a C .What an D. How

( ) 12. ---Jack, you seem to be ____________.

---Yes. Its 8:20 now and my train leaves in 10 minutes .

A. in a hurry B. in fear C. in safety D. in silence

( ) 13. He isn’t a man who knows _____ to deal with people properly, but he does know

_____ to do with all kinds of papers in front of him.

A. what, what B. what, how C. how, what D. how, how

( ) 14. Could you tell me_______ yesterday afternoon?

A. when the school sports meeting ended B. when did the school sports meeting end

C. when ended the school sports meeting D. when the school sports meeting did end

( ) 15. – Why did you leave the fan on in your room? It’s a waste of electricity.

– ________

A. I don’t think so, either. B. Not at all.

C. Sorry, I will turn it off. D. That’s all right.


Why exercise?

You’ve probably heard countless times how exercise is “good for you”. But did you know that it can help you feel good? Exercise plays a key role in and help you sleep better. Experts suggest that teenagers should get 60 minutes or more of produce chemicals(化学元素) can some people who have mild mental diseases. exercising can who don’t.

In fact, exercise helps people lose and lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising to maintain(保持) common in teenagers now.

You may not feel like doing exercise regularly, but why not do it due to the above mentioned reasons from now on?

( )16. A. quietly B. actually C. recently D. quickly ( )17. A. staying B. smelling C. feeling D. looking ( )18. A. strengthen B. cause C. suffer D. reduce ( )19. A. homework B. activities C. experiments D. languages ( )20. A. except B. plus C. during D. including ( )21. A. happier B. sadder C. angrier D. cleverer ( )22. A. already B. also C. hardly D. almost ( )23. A. Although B. Because C. Unless D. And ( )24. A. fatter B. slimmer C. taller D. shorter ( )25. A. energy B. weight C. happiness D. experience ( )26. A. people’s B. person’s C. human’s D. mankind’s ( )27. A. used to do B. are used to be C. used to be D. are used to being

( )28. A. should B. must C. may D. need ( )29. A. such as B. for example C. the same as D. so that ( )30. A. hands B. bones C. mouths D. feet

三、阅读理解 (共15小题,每小题2分,计30分)



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