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2013-2014学年下学期期中考试九 年 级 英 语

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九 年 级 英 语

第1卷(选择题 共60分)



1. I think it's ______ useful message, so I keep it for use.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. Hepburn is______ a nice actress and humanitarian that she is never forgotten.

A. so B. such C. quite D. very

3. Ricky caught a bad cold yesterday, ______ he had to stay at home.

A. because B. but C. or D. so

4. —Do you think that he ______ talk to his teacher?

—Yes, sharing ideas is really important.

A. can B. could C. needs D. needs to

5. —Did your parents go to climb the Wolf Hill with you last Sunday?

—Yes. ______ of us had a good time.

A. Both B. All C. Neither D. None

6. ______ noisy children! I can hardly go on with my report.

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

7. In our school, Mr Hu is ______ teacher. His jokes and body languages often make his students laugh.

A. funniest B. the funniest C. funnier D. the funnier

8. Once a year, people take part in “______ Lights” activity to help save energy.

A. Show off B. Put off C. Turn off D. Take off

9. A large number of volunteer doctors have ______ Sichuan since the earthquake hit Ya’an.

A. moved to B. arrived in C. reached D. been in

10. Grandmother didn’t like town life. But now she______ in the town.

A. is used to living B. was used to living

C. used to live D. is used to live

11. Don’t run ______ the street when the traffic light is red. Or you’ll be fined as much as 50yuan.

A. through B. along C. on D. across

12. The hospital is doing its best to______ the patients with the best treatment and services.

A. offer B. give C. provide D. serve

13. When Monday's bombing attacked at the Boston Maratho, people around the world ______.

A. felt shocked B. were felt shocked C. feel shocked D. are felt shocked

14. —Could you tell me ______? I must find him.

—Sorry. I have no idea. But he was here just now.

A. where Tom was B. where Tom has gone

C. where can I find Tom D. where Tom has been

15. —A big sale in Wenfeng Great World! Shall we go shopping after supper?

—______. But I have to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

A. I can’t B. Sounds great C. All right D. No, I’m sorry


请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I believe listening is a powerful medicine.

It was Sunday. I had the last to see and I got into her room. She was an old woman. She was sitting on the edge of bed, to put on her socks. Usually I said something like this: “How are you feeling? Your sugars and blood pressure were high but they’re better today. The nurse says your son is visiting you today. It's nice to have a visit from far away. I am sure you are seeing him.”

She me with a serious voice, “Sit down, doctor. This is my story, not yours.”

I was embarrassed (窘迫的). I sat down and helped her with the socks. She began to tell me that her only son lived not far from her, she had not seen him for five years. She believed her problems were worse because of missing her son. After hearing her story and helping her put on her socks, I asked if there was anything else I could do for her. She her head and smiled. Suddenly, I understand that all she wanted me to do was to Each story is . Some are clear; others are not. Some are true; others are not, yet all those things do not really Listening is a powerful way to let others know they are valued and cared about. It costs but sometimes it is the key to healing (康复). I often what the woman taught me, and I remind myself of the of stopping, sitting down and truly listening.

16. A. doctor B. nurse C. patient

17. A. learning B. refusing C. offering

18. A. friend B. classmate C. doctor

19. A. looking forward to B. asking for C. going on

20. A. greeted B. stopped C. asked

21. A. excited B. mad C. surprised

22. A. or B. so C. but

23. A. health B. foot C. family

24. A. shook B. raised C. waved

25. A. see B. smell C. listen

26. A. terrible B. different C. similar

27. A. happen B. appear C. matter

28. A. nothing B. something C. less D. student D. trying D. family D. worrying about D. called D. angry D. if D. teeth D. moved D. feel D. true D. change D. much

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