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新课标人教版七年级英语上册Unit 2 This is my sister. 创新写作指导与训练附参考答案

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Unit 2 This is my sister. 创新写作指导





【易错点提示】 注意介绍人的句型使用This is…。

【典例】请以Zhan Hui的身份,给Tom写信介绍自己的家庭成员及他们的情况,如父母的职业等。


单词:family, father, mother, sister, brother, photo, picture, friend, dear 短语:thanks for, thank you for, a photo of, here is

句子:1. There are...people in my family.

2. This is...

3. Let me tell you about my family...

4. I love my family.

5.1 have a happy family.


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your letter and the photo of your family① . It's a nice photo. I like it very much.

Now let me tell you about my family②. There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. Here is my family photo. This is my father③. He is a worker. This is my mother. She is a nurse. This is me. I am a middle school student. I love my family. Wish you happy every day!

See you soon!

Your friend, Zhan Hui

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