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7B Unit3 单元综合测试卷(A)及答案

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7B Unit3单元综合测试卷(A)


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( ( ( ( ( 二、根据句意和汉语注释,写出单词的正确形式(10%)

1. The_______(空气)in our village is better than that in the busy city.

2. Now Mo Yan is_______(著名的)all over the world.

3. Millie's mother works in a_______(宾馆)in Suzhou.

4. Let's go to the new_______ (剧院)in Wanda Square and watch a play.

5. My brother_______(拥有)a new sports car.

6. Mr John and his family live in a_______(安静的)street.

7. He puts the_______(钥匙)on the table and goes away.

8.-Where do you buy these_______ ?There are pictures of buildings in the USA. -My uncle sends(寄)them to me from the USA.

9. -Let's _______a boat on the West Lake, shall we?

-Sorry, I can't. I'm afraid of water.

10. -The boys are playing over there. Are these bags_______ ?

-Yes, I think so.


1. How many Chinese_______ (paint) do you have in your home?

2. Mr Zhang is an old friend of_______ (we).

3. Our new English teacher Miss Li is very_______ (friend) to us.

4. I'd like two_______ (tin) of cola and some New Orleans Roasted Wings(新奥尔良烤翅).

5. How often do you go_______ (jog)?



( ) 1. Be quick! Don't_______ the early bus.

A. stop

A. hour's

A. visit

A. going B. wait B. hours' C. miss D. get C. hours D. hour D. to visiting D. go ( )2. It's about three_______ walk from our town to Nanjing. ( )3. Don't worry. I will show you_______ our school. B. to around C. around B. to go

C. going to ( )4. The New City is a nice place_______ on Sundays. ( )5.-Is this_______ bike? -No, it is_______. A. Tony; his sister C. Tony's; his sister's

A. How long

A. hers B. Tony's; his sister D. Tony; his sister's ( ) 6. -_______ is the hospital from here? -It's about five kilometers away. B. How soon C. How much D. How far B. his C. him D. he ( ) 7. Xiao Shenyang says that_______ job is to make people happy.

( ) 8. The children_______ the toys_______ this.

A. like; likes B likes; likes

A. by the underground

C. take to underground

swimming pool.

A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( )11. room is on the third floor and is on the second floor.

A. Our; theirs B. Theirs; his C. Our; their D. His; Our

( )12. -_______ does this coat cost?

-Thirty yuan.

A. What

A. do B. How much C. How many D. How B. doing

C. to do B works; arts

2 C. like; like D. likes; like B. on the underground D. by underground ( ) 9. It is about forty minutes from my home to the city centre_______. ( )10. Some boys are playing football in the playground, and ._______ are swimming in the ( )13. It often takes me about half an hour ________ my homework. D. does ( )14. There are many good ________ of _______ there. A. work; arts

C. work; art

-_______. D. works; art ( )15. -What's in that room?

A. Nothing B. No one

A. Lily and Lucy

C. Lily's and Lucy

A. for

A. do C. Anything D. Someone B. Lily's and Lucy's D. Lily and Lucy's C. at D. to D does ( )16. The bedroom on the second floor is_______. ( )17. What would you like to buy ________your brother for his birthday party? B. with B. to do ( )18. Sorry, I can't go shopping with you. I have many things_______. C. doing

( )19. June lst is_______ and September 10th is_______.

A. the Chi d s Day; the Teachers' Day

B. Children's Day; Teachers' Day

C. the Children's Day; Teacher's Day

D. Childs' Day; the Teacher's Day

( ) 20. -Why don't you go shopping with us? -_______ .

A. That's great

C. Oh, I see


hair, but never make jokes (开玩笑strong man and he doesn't like jokes about his hair.

John always goes to the barber's (理发店剪) and wash his hair, and to him, "Now why don't me cut most of your hair off and make your head tidy(整治)? No one will recognize (认出) ."

, but I'm sure that no one will recognize you, either (也”

( ) 1. A. Little B. No

( ) 2. A. girl

( ) 3. A. because B. so

( ) 4. A. year B. day

B. Good luck D. You are welcome C. Some D Few C. that D. but C. hour D. month 3 B. girl's C. girls D. woman ( ) 5. A. says B. talks C. speaks D. tells

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