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2013新版译林八年级下月考试题(8下 Unit1-2)

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第一部分: 选择题(60分)

一、单项选择 (15分)

1. —Do your parents have the same hobby?

—No. My father likes playing________chess while my mother enjoys playing _______piano.

A. /;the B. /;/ C. the;/ D. the;the

2. Though Mr Black lives _____ in the country , he never feel _____ .

A. lonely , lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D. alone, lonely

3. There _____ a lot of stalls along the street, but they have moved out.

A. used to be B. used to have C. had D. was

4. ——Have you cooked supper_____?

——Yes, I have _____ finished it.

A. already, yet B.yet, ever C. yet, just D. already, just

5. ——How long _____ his brother _______ Paris ?

——Only one day.

A. has, been in B. has, been to C. Has gone to D. did go to

6.——When did you go to university?


A. For five years. B .Since five years ago. C. In five years D. Five years ago

7. I think this is _______ model ship I have _____ seen before.

A the best, never B a better, never C the best, ever D a better , already

8. My parents _________for over 50years and they love each other very much.

A. have married B. have got married C. have been married D. married

9. We all now that Lianyungang has _________ a modern city.

A. turned B. turned on C. turned into D. turned off

10. It takes a short time ___________for the underground.

A.wait B. to wait C. waiting D. to waiting

11. Noise pollution was a serious problem here_________.

A. since then B. in the future C. once a week D. in the past

12. —_______have you known each other? —Since we were in our childhood.

A. How far B. How often C. How long D. How soon

13. Tom goes walking every day and plays table tennis with his brother __________.

A.from time to time B. in some ways C. at the same time D. all his life

14. He couldn't stop _________ when he told her the funny joke.

A. to laugh B. laughing C. laughed D. to laughing

15. The visitors are very ________ to see so many changes _______ in Lianyungang since 1980.

A. surprised; have been taken place B. surprising; took place

C. surprised; have taken place D. surprised; took place


Today, I felt unhappy with my head full of problems, so I decided to take a walk even though I didn't know where I would go. The most ____16___ thing happened when I was walking along

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