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2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语Unit 5 Why do you like pandas?单元检测AB-两套卷

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Unit 5 Why do you like pandas?单元检测(A卷)




A. B. C. D. E.

1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________ 5._________



7.A.No,she can’t.

8.A.It’s a little bad.

9.A.It’s mine.

10.A.Basketball. B.English. B.Yes,she speaks. B.Don’t say so. B.Because they’re cute. B.P.E. C.In Japan. C.Yes,she does. C.Thank you. C.It’s from the city. C.England.

Ⅲ.听对话,根据对话内容及问题,选择正确的答语。(每段对话读两遍)(每小题1分,满分5分) 11.Why does the man want to see the giraffes?

A.Because they’re smart.

B.Because they’re interesting.

C.Because he likes giraffes very much.

12.What are they talking about?

A.A girl. B.A tiger. C.A panda.

13.What animals does the girl like? A.Koalas. B.Elephants. C.Lions.

14.Where is a koala from?

A.Australia. B.Africa. C.China.

15.Does the woman like cats?

A.Yes,she does. B.No,she doesn’t. C.She likes dogs.


16.What’s the animal?

A.A tiger. B.An elephant. C.A panda.

17.How old is she?

A.2. B.20. C.12.

18.Where is she from?

A.America. B.Africa. C.Australia.

19.What does she have?

A.A long nose(鼻子)and two big teeth.

B.A short nose and two long teeth.

C.A long nose and two short teeth.

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20.What does she eat?

A.Meat. B.Leaves. C.Grass.



1. Let’s _______ after school.

A. to play basketball B. play basketball

C. play a basketball D. to play a basketball 2. One of the boys _______ pet. The pet is really cute.

A. have B. has C. keep D. save

3. —______ do you like animals?

—______ they are cute.

A. Why; Because B. Why; So C. What; Because D. What; So

4. Do you want ______?

A. eat rice B. to eat rice C. to eat rices D. eat rices

5. I like_______, but this afternoon I don’t like_______.

A. swimming; swimming B. to swim; to swim

C. swimming; to swim D. to swim; swimming

6. The elephants ______in great danger in Africa.

A. are B. is C. does D. do

7. Where the lions from?

A. do B. does C. is D. are

8. —Why your brother want the pandas?

—Because they are very interesting.

A. do;to see B. does;see C. does;to see D.do;see

9. I have a computer,.

A. too B. also C. either D.as well

10. He doesn’t like hamburgers today. A. eat B. to eating C. to eat D. eats


Hello,boys and girls!Welcome to our zoo. There are many animals in it. First we can see old tigers. They eat meat every day. There are two big elephants. They are from Africa. They are very .They eat much every day. There are a lot of monkeys in the zoo, too. Kids like them they like kids, too. They like kids they often give them some bread and bananas. They like bananas .

In the zoo there are five dolphins and ten penguins. They often play their friends like kids. They love fish and food. Have a good time, kids!

11.A.a B.an C.one D.two

12.A.many B.a few C.a lot D.a lot of

13.A.and B.also C.either D.too

14.A.scary B.friend C.friendly D.small

15.A.grass B.leaf C.water D.meat

16.A.or B.so C.but D.and

17.A.that B.why C.because D.so

18.A.very many B.many C.very D.very much

19.A.to B.and C.of D.with

20.A.other B.any C.some D.others



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In the forest, there is an elephant and a monkey. They’re friends, but one day they want to know who is stronger (更壮的).One of them says,―Who can get apples over there, who is stronger.‖

There’s a river over there. The monkey says, ―I can’t swim.‖ The elephant says, ―I can swim. Please sit on my back.‖They go across the river. The apple trees are very high. The elephant can’t reach(够着)the apples. The monkey climbs(爬)up a tree and gets many apples.

Now they know they should help each other.

21.The elephant and the monkey want to know A.who is smarter B.who is higher

C.who can swim D.who is stronger

can’t swim.

A.The elephant B.The monkey

C.The big animals D.The small animals

can’t reach the apples. A.The elephant B.The monkey

C.The high animals D.The short animals

24.At last the monkey goes across the river with the help of A.the elephant B.the monkey

C.an animal D.a boat

25.From the story we can learn that we should .

A.learn from the elephant B.learn from the monkey

C.A and B D.help each other


Good news is for you. Some new animals come to our zoo. They want to meet you. Come and see the big South China tiger and two Indian elephants. Three lions from Africa want to meet you, and four monkeys from Zhang Jiajie (张家界) are smiling (微笑) at you. Four cute koalas from Australia are going to welcome you, and two g

26.How many new animals come to the zoo?

A.Seven. B.Fourteen. C.Sixteen. D.Seventeen. 27.Now Mr. Smith is in the zoo with his two sons,one is 14 and the other is 10, how much are the tickets together(总共)?

A.$8.00. B.$4.00. C.$6.00. D.$2.00.

28.What time can you go to visit the zoo?

A.8:30 am on Monday. B.9:30 am on Friday.

C.5:00 pm on Sunday. D.3:30 pm on Tuesday.

29.Where do the lions come from?

A.The Mountain Zhang Jiajie. B.Africa.

C.India. D.Australia.

30.What can we do in the zoo?

A.To give some bananas to the monkeys.

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