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2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.单元检测AB-两套卷

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注意保存卷2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语 Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.单元检测(A卷)



Ⅰ.听句子,选出句中所包含的单词或词组。(句子听一遍)(每小题1分,满分5分) 1.A.blueberries 2.A.Kate 4.A.near

3.A.ice cream 5.A.friendly

B.strawberries B.behind B.green tea B.around

C.greenberries C.kind C.ice tea C.about C.family


Ⅱ.听句子,选出与句子意义相近或相同的选项。(句子听两遍)(每小题1分,满分5分) 6.A.Do you want chicken noodles? B.Do you like chicken noodles? C.The noodles are like chicken.

7.A.There are some potatoes, tomatoes and cheese with John’s noodles. B.John’s noodles look like potato and tomato. C.John would like potato, tomato and cheese noodles. 8.A.You can help me.

B.I want your help.

C.What can I do for you? 9.A.The large bowl is like porridge. B.I want a large bowl of porridge. C.The porridge is large. 10.A.Where do you live?

B.It’s 256 Green Street.

C.My house is on a busy street.

Ⅲ.听对话,根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。(对话听两遍)(每小题1分,满分5分) 11.A.A small bowl. C.A large bowl.

12. A.Because it’s large and cheap. B. Because it’s very nice and cheap. C. Because it’s healthy and cheap. 13.A.A blue car.

B.A T-shirt.

C.A skirt.

14.A.A large bowl of beef dumplings. B.A small bowl of dumplings. C.A large bowl of chicken dumplings. 15.A.A big supermarket.

B.A post office.

C.Bridge Street.

Ⅳ.听短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。(短文听两遍)(每小题1分,满分5分) ’s family. A.two A.meat

B.three B.rice

C.four C.noodles


B.A medium bowl.

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. A.Shandong A.rice A.meat


C.Chongqing C.fish C.vegetables

19.Her father doesn’B.dumplings B.noodles



st? A.one;to A.size

B.some;of B.kinds of

C.some;for C.kind of

D.a;for D.kinds

3.——Large,please. A.What kind of C.What size of A.box of apple

B.What size bowl of D.What B.boxes of apples D.boxes of apple C.vegetables C.at C.am C.but C.for

D.milk D.during D.is D.so D.with

4.We have bC.box of apples A.apples A.in A.are

in the fridge.Let’s go and buy some.

B.eggs B.on B.be B.or B.on

8.I don’onions. A.and A.in

9.He’10.—Would you like a small hamburger? — . A.No,I would like C.No,thanks

B.No,I wouldn’t D.No,I don’t


It’—plates, bowls and glasses. We can see some meat,eggs the plates. There are some dumplings,noodles and rice. of the glasses is full of milk, two of them are full of coffee and the full of Coke. There are two bottles of apple juice. That’’? Today is Bill’s grandma’s birthday. 11.A.Breakfast 12.A.in

B.Lunch B.on

C.Supper C.under

D.Meals D.at

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13.A.on 14.A.plates 16.A.Some 17.A.are 18.A.all are 19.A.have 20.A.things



D.to D.bottle D.nothing D.Three D./ D.both are D.having D.anything

B.table B.things B.One B.is

C.bowl C.Two

15.A.anything C.something C.have C.are both C.has

B.are all B.to have B.thing




The Noodle House has really good noodles. They are cheap,and they are great! You can get small,medium,or large bowls of noodles.

The Noodle House has some specials. Special 1 has beef and tomato and is only ¥5.Special 2 has mutton and cabbage. It is ¥6.And Special 3 has chicken and carrot. It’s only ¥8.I like it best.

You can get some other great food at the Noodle House. For example,you can get 16 dumplings for ¥11.You can get great desserts! You can get strawberry,banana and orange ice cream.

They are all nice! Try the Noodle House soon! 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。 21.The noodles here are cheap and great. 22.There are three size bowls of noodles. 23.Special 2 has beef and tomato and is only ¥5. 24.You can get 16 dumplings for ¥11.

25.You can get chocolate ice cream at Noodle House.


It’s Sunday today. My parents and I go to a small restaurant for supper.The waiter passes us the menu.

My father orders Special Ⅰ and a glass of lemonade.My mother orders the same pizza as my father,but she’d like to drink iced tea.I order Special Ⅲ and a hamburger.What’s more (另外),I ask the waiter to give me a glass of iced cola. 根据短文内容填空。

26.According to(根据)the MENU,if you don’t like cheese on your pizza,you can choose(选择). 27.If you’.

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