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2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语Unit 7 It’s raining! 单元检测AB-两套卷

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Unit 7 It’s raining!单元检测(A卷)

(考试时间:90分钟 满分:100分)



A B C D E 1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5.________


( )6. A.Yes, it is. B.No, I don?t. C.It?s cold.

( )7. A.Yes, it is cold. B.I?m studying. C.It?s sunny now.

( )8. A.I?m watching TV. B.They are talking. C.They are at school.

( )9. A.Pretty good. B.I?m well. C.It is going to its home.

( )10. A.It?s snow. B.S-N-O-W. C.Thank you.



( )11. What is the weather like?

A.It?s sunny. B. It?s windy. C. It?s cloudy.

( )12. What t kind of weather does the woman like?

A.It?s sunny. B. It?s windy. C. It?s cloudy.

( )13. What is the weather like today?

A.It?s rainy. B. It?s sunny. C. It?s snowy.

( )14. What?s Jack doing?

A.He is playing with snow.

B.He is walking in the wind.

C. He is running in the rain.

( )15. What is the weather like in Jinlin now?

A.It?s snowy. B. It?s sunny. C. It?s rainy.



( )16. What is the time now?

A.It is 4:30 p.m. B. It is 5:30 p.m. C.It is 6:30 p.m.

( )17. What is Mary?s mother doing?

A. Mary?s mother is doing some washing at home.

B. Mary?s mother is watching TV at home.

C. Mary?s mother is cooking at home.

( )18.What is Mary?s father doing?

A. Mary?s father is looking for something.

B. Mary?s father is working on the computer.

C. Mary?s father is watering the flowers.

( )19. What are Mary?s friends doing?

A. Mary is going to her friend?s home.

B.Mary?s friends are coming to her home.

C.Marry and her friends are coming to her home.

( )20.What are Mary?s brothers doing?

A. They are putting away their things.

B. They are cleaning the table.

C. They are putting the chairs around the table.


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( )21. It is ______ today.

A.cloud B. clouds C. cloudy D.cloudly

( )22. ----_______ is the weather ______ Beijing?

----It?s windy.

A.How; in B.How; about C.What;in D.What;about

( )23. My life is ________ good in the US.

A. very much B. much C. pretty D. more

( )24. I?m ________ the music.

A. listening B. listen C. listen to D.listening to

( )25. When it rains, she ______ a bus to work.

A.take B.taking C. takes D.to take

( )26. She is in Canada ______ vacation now.

A. in B. on C.at D. to

( )27. How many _______ do you want?

A.meat B. bananas C. milk D. apple

( )28. It?s time ______ have dinner.

A. for B. with C. at D. to

( )29. _______ people are talking about the movie star.

A.Lot of B. A lot C.A lot of D.Much

( )30. What _______ sunny weather!

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )31. I am very _______ that you can work in the heat.

A.unhappy B.great C. surpried D. humid

( )32. My friend _________ me. I have to leave now.

A. waits for B.waited for C.is waiting for D.was waiting for

( )33. Bill is in the classroom, doing _______ homework.

A. his B.he C.him D.himself

( )34. There are many people here. Some are taking photos. ________ are talking happily.

A.Other B. Otheres C. The other D.Another

( )35. Some people _______ on the beach now.

A.lying B.are lying C.is lying D.are lieying


A: Hello! This is Kate.

B: Really? How?s it going? B: How?s the weather in Shanghai? Is it cold?

A: No, it isn?B: That?


Jenny is a student in Hangzhou now. She moves(搬家) to this Hangzhou is a beautiful place and they like it very much. They are very pleased with their in Hangzhou. The city is beautiful and clean. The people are kind and to them. Now Jenny?s parents work a bank and Jenny at a great middle school. Everything is going ?t like the in Hangzhou. Jenny said, “It?s too hot in summer while too cold in winter. On hot days, I have to stay at home. When

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it?s very cold, it often ?t go out to play, either(也). That?s really ( )41. A.city B.country C.school D.capital

( )42. A. but B.beause C.so D.or

( )43. A.work B.life C.study D.sports

( )44. A.sad B.surprised C.relaxed D. friendly

( )45. A.on B.in C.under D.to

( )46. A.stays B.studies C.works D.swims

( )47. A.good B.best C.well D.beautiful

( )48. A.people B.hospital C.food D.weather

( )49. A.rain B.rainy C.is raining D.rains

( )50. A.great B.scary C.terrible D.exciting



The weather in differernt seasons(季节) is different.

In spring, it is often windy in March and it is always warm in April and May. It rains sometimes and trees and grass turn() green in May.

In summer, it?s hot in the day and cool at night. It usually rains a lot in July and August. The days are longer and the night are shorter.

The weather in autumn is very nice. It?s always warm and sunny in September and October. People like going out in this season.

The winter is always from December to February. It?s very cold in winter and it snows sometimes.

根据上面内容判断正误,正确的写T, 错误的写F。

( ) 51. The spring is from March to May.

( ) 52. It is ususlly humid in July.

( ) 53. It?s very cold from December to February.

( ) 54. The weather in September is terrible.

( ) 55. The summer is very long but the winter is very short.


Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. It is ture.

People usually begin their talks with “Isn?t it a nice day?” “Do you think it will rain?” “What a fine day!”

Many people think they can tell what the weather is going to be like. But they hardly agree with(同意) each other. One man says, “Do you see how cloudy it is in the east? It?s going to rain tomorrow.” Another man will say, “No, its going to be fine tomorrow.”

People often look for the weather they want. When a farmer needs water, he looks for something to tell him it?s going to rain. He won?t believe(相信) anything else. When friends have a journey, they are sure the weather is going to clear up very quickly.

Almost(几乎) everything listens to what the weatherman says, but it doesn?t always tell us what we want, and sometimes he makes a mistake. Still he probably comes closer to being correct than anyone else.

( )56. “No one anything about the weather” means _______.

A.no one can make the weather

B.no one can change(改变) the weather

C.no one can talk about the weather

D.everyone likes the weather

( )57. ________ is a common(普通的) way to start a talk.

A.Talking about the weather B.Keeping silent(沉默)

C.Asking each other?s name D.Talking about yourself

( )58.Many people hope the weather will be _______.

A. fine B. rainy C. snowy D. like what they like to be

( )59.The weatherman probably is a man who ________.

A.reports the weather B.can see the weather

C.can change the weather D.likes the weather very much

( )60. “The weatherman” _______ makes a mistake.

A.often B.never C.sometimes D.always



61. It?s very h________ today. Please open the door.

62. I?m s________ to know you don?t do well in English contest.

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