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2013-2014学年鲁教版七年级下Unit1 Section A(1a-2c)课件

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Unit 1 Can you come to my party?
Section A (1a—2c)

Ⅰ. 选词配图 study for a test, help my parents, go to the doctor, have a piano lesson

答案:1. have a piano lesson 3. go to the doctor

2. study for a test 4. help my parents

Ⅱ. 句型展示 1. 周六下午你能来参加我的晚会吗? ______ you ______ ______ my party on Saturday afternoon? 2. 我不得不帮助我妈妈。 I ______ ______ ______ my mom. 答案:1. Can; come to 2. have to help

3. 这个周末我有太多的作业。 I have ______ ______ homework this weekend. 4. 那太糟糕了。或许改天吧! ______too bad. Maybe ______ ______. 答案:3. too much 4. That’s; another time

1. have to必须;不得不 ◆ I have to help my parents. 我必须帮助我的父母。 ◆ We don’t have to go to school on weekends. 周末我们不必去上学。 ◆ Did Mary have to get up early last Sunday? 上周日玛丽不得不早起吗?

【探究总结】 have to与must的用法辨析 (1)have to 强调因客观原因而“不得不”,有时态、人称和数的 has to ,过去式为had to。由have 变化,其第三人称单数为_______

do 。 to构成的句子,变为一般疑问句要借助助动词_____
(2)must强调主观上的“必须”,没有人称和数的变化,其句型 变换无需借助助动词。


①我们必须认真听老师讲课。 We ______ ______ ______ teachers carefully. ②他错过了最后一班车,因此不得不步行回家。 He missed the last bus, so he ______ ______ walk home. ③你没必要把这件事告诉他。 You ______ ______ ______ tell him about it. 答案:①must listen to ②had to ③don’t have to

2. another adj. 又一的;再一的
◆ Maybe another time. 也许改天吧。 ◆ I don’t like this one; please show me another. 我不喜欢这个,请给我看另一个。

【探究总结】 another/ the other/the others/others用法辨析

【学以致用】 the other, another, the others, others ①I want a sweater, but this one is too small. Could you show me______one? ②He has a pen in one hand and a book in______.

③Some people like thrillers,______ don’t.
④We have fifty students in our class, but only some of them are in the classroom. Where are______? 答案:①another ②the other ③others ④the others

3. 关于邀请的句式 ◆—Jenny, can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? ——詹妮,星期六下午你能来参加我的晚会吗? —Sure, I’d love to. ——当然可以,我很愿意。

◆—Can you go shopping with us? ——你能跟我们一起去购物吗? —I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to finish my homework first. ——对不起,我不能去。我必须先完成作业。

【探究总结】如何发出、接受及拒绝邀请 (1)句式:Can you. . . ? 可用来表示客气地邀请某人做某事。

love to 或 Certainly. /Of (2)回答:肯定回答用S

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