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2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语Unit 4 I want to be an actor单元检测AB两套卷

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Unit 4 I want to be an actor单元检测(A卷)

(考试时间:90分钟 满分:100分)




1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5.________


( )6. A.He is a policeman. B.He lives in New York. C. He works hard.

( )7. A Yes, she does. B. In a bank. C. It’s over there.

( )8. A. I am busy. B. Tomorrow is OK.

C. Sure. But what is your e-mail address?

( )9. A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, he doesn’t. C. No, he doesn’t.

( )10. A. Because it’s an interesting job.

B. Because they are interesting. C. Because it is there.



( )11. What does the boy’s father do?

A. A teacher. B. A doctor. C. A policeman.

( )12. What does Maria want to be?

A. A bank clerk. B. A teacher. C. A waiter.

( )13. Where does the girl’s brother work?

A. In a school. B. In a bank. C. In a hospital.

( )14. Does the woman like her job?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. We don’t know.

( )15. What does the man want to be?

A. A teacher. B. An actor. C. A doctor.

第四节:短文理解 听短文,选择正确答案。短文读两遍。

( )16. I have ________.

A. an old friend B. two friends C. a clerk

( )17. We ________ at 5:00 in the morning.

A. get up B. go to work C. go home

( )18. At about ________ in the evening we go home.

A.9:00 B. 9:50 C.9:30

( )19. We go to bed at about __________.

A.9:30 B. 9:00 C.10:00

( )20. ----Do we like our jobs very much? ----________.

A. Yes, we do. B. No, we don’t. C. Yes, we don’t.



( )21. I want to be ______ actor in the future(在将来).

A. a B.an C. / D. the

( )22. She ______ to be a writer.

A. want B. to want C. wants D. thinks

( )23. My favorite ________ is to be a reporter.

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A. job B. work C. jobs D. works

( )24. ----______does your brother do?

----He is a policeman.

A. When B. Why C. Where D. What

( )25. Please _______ the book to me. I want to read it.

A. to take B. takes C. give D. gives

( )26. His mother is a famous _________. She works in a hospital.

A. doctor B. policewoman C. teacher D. reporter

( )27. May I ask _______ a question?

A. they B. them C. their D. themselves

( )28. _______ Mike’s father like his job?

A. Do B. Is C. Does D. Are

( )29. He wants to be a police officer, _______ it’s an exciting job.

A.because B. and C. so D. why

( )30. His sister works ________ a magazine. She’s a reporter.

A. in B. for C. at D. to

( )31. Call the Evening Newspaper ________ 555-3256.

A. of B. for C. at D. and

( )32. I _______ a white uniform every day.

A. wear B. put on C. puts on D. wears

( )33. My brother ______ rice or noodles.

A. likes B. like C. deosn’t like D. don’t like

( )34. The news _______ very interesting! Tell me more!

A. is B. are C. were D. was

( )35. Look at the _______. Catch(抓住) them!

A. thief B. thieves C. thiefs D. some thieves


A: Hi, Linda. What does your sister do?

B: She is a clerk.

B: Oh, she works in a bank.

A: That’s a good job! Does she like it? ’s a little boring.

A: What a pity(真遗憾B: She wants to be an actoress.

A: Wow! She must be very beautiful, right? 有吸引力的) girl. Everyone likes her.

A: How old is she now? 机会).

A: That’s true.


John Smith is fifteen years old. He is a student in No.3 Middle School. He gets a part-time() because he needs some from Monday to Friday and all

on Saturday. He

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helps people look after their kids and he works with kids. He thinks it is great a bus to the supermarket. He there atr about 4:30. He works 4:30 to 8:30. He home at 9:00. John likes his job very much.

( )41. A. work B. job C. assistant D. policeman

( )42. A. help B. thanks C.sorry D. money

( )43. A. work B. help C.school D. breakfast

( )44. A. day B. date C. time D. night

( )45. A. difficult B.different C. dangerous D. same

( )46. A. fun B. boring C.smart D. funs

( )47. A. take B. gets C. gives D.takes

( )48. A. arrives in B. gets to C. arrives D. reaches to

( )49. A.for B. from C. to D. at

( )50. A.come B.gets C.arrives at D, go



My mother is very busy every day. She works five days a week from Monday to Friday. Sometimes she works on Saturdays or Sundays. She gets up early in the morning, She cooks breakfast for my family. After breakfast, she goes to work at 7:10. She has lunch at her work place. She comes back at about 6:40. My father cooks dinner. After dinner she does the washing. Then she goes our for a walk. Before she goes to bed. she often reads some magazines or watches TV. She goes to sleep very late.

根据上面启事内容判断正误,正确的写T, 错误的写F。

( ) 51. My mother is not busy every day.

( ) 52. She gets up early in the morning.

( ) 53. She goes to work at 8:00.

( ) 54. She has lunch at her work place.

( ) 55. She goes to sleep very late.


Mrs. Jones is an American doctor. She is now in China. She works in a children’s hospital in Jinan, Shangdong. She likes children and she likes to work for children. She works hard in the day and learns Chinese in the evening school. She also learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read and write some Chinese, too. She says it’s not easy to learn Chinese well. Mr. Jones, her husband(丈夫), is a teacher. He teaches English in No.5 Middle School. He works from Monday to Friday. He teaches 3 classes every day. ( )56. What does Mrs. Jones do?

A. A writer. B. A reporter. C. A doctor. D. A teacher.

( )57. What does Mrs. Jones do in the evening?

A. She often reads books. B. She often watches TV.

C. She often has a walk with her family.

D. She learns Chinese in the evening school.

( )58. How does Mrs. Jones learn Chinese?

A. She learns Chinese in the evening school.

B. She learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors.

C. She learns Chinese from her Chinese friends.

D. A, B and C.

( )59. Which subject does Mr. Jones teach?

A. Chinese. B. English. C. Math. D. History.

( )60. How many days does Mr. Jones work a week?

A. Two. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.



61. Liu Jun is a good student. He works very h________.

62. John is a rich man. He has a lot of m________.

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