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2013-2014春学期七年级下册英语Unit 6 I’m watching TV单元检测AB-两套卷

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Unit 6 I’m watching TV. 单元检测(A卷)




A. B. C. D. E.

1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________ 5._________


6.A.I do my homework. B.I’m doing my homework.

C.I want to go to the movies.

7.A.Yes,he does. B.No,he is watching a movie.

C.Yes,he wants to watch TV.

8.A.Let’s go to the movies.

C.Let’s go at 7:00.

9.A.No,the video is boring.

C.Yes,he does.

10.A.I want to go at six.

C.I am reading a book.


11. A.She’s reading a book. B.She’s doing her homework.

C.She’s reading a newspaper.

12.A.Because the video is boring. B.At six o’clock.

C.He likes thrillers.

13.A.A nurse. B.A doctor. C.A bank clerk.

14.A.It’s raining. B.It’s sunny.

C.He’s calling to say “Happy Birthday” to Nancy.

15.A.Bill sometimes reads a book. B.Bill sometimes sleeps.

C.Bill sometimes watches TV.


16.What’s Mr. King doing?

A.He is reading a book. B.He is reading a newspaper.

C.He is reading a storybook.

17.What is Mrs. King doing?

A.She is reading a book. B.She is cooking. B.I want to go to the library. B.No,he isn’t. B.Sure.

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C.She is doing some housework.

18.What’s Tony doing?

A.He is playing chess. B.He is doing his homework.

C.He is reading a storybook.

19.How many people are there in Mr. King’s family?

A.Four. B.Five. C.Two.

20.What do you think of this family?

A.This family is very happy.

B.This family is very big.

C.This family is a Chinese family.



1.—Would you like to go to the movies with me?

—That sounds ________.

A. delicious B. well C. good D. boring

2. ________ you helping your mother ________ housework?

A. Are; to B. Are; with C. Is; with D. Do; to

3. — Is Jack doing his homework?

— No,he ________.He is ________ the guitar.

A. doesn’t; playing B. isn’t; play

C. isn’t; playing D. is; plays

4. They are talking ________the movie over there.

A. to B. about C. with D. on

5. Tom is good the football team.

A.in;on B.at;on C.on;in D.in;in

6. —Is David playing computer games?

—A.Yes,he is B.No,he is

C.Yes,he does D.No,he doesn’t

7. Here some photos of my family.

A.is B.are C.has D.have

8. I to go shopping now. Do you go with me?

A.want B.wants C.to want D.am wanting

9. Thanks for me,John.

A.help B.helping C.to help D.helps

10. He is studying A.with B.for C.on D.of


Tony and Bill are in the same school, they are in different classes. Their favorite is Chinese. They Chinese is very interesting. They go to school on weekdays. They come to school 7:00 in the morning. Today is Tuesday. Tony and Bill are in their own(自己的)classrooms.

Tony an English class. Look! He is talking his English teacher in English. Bill is having a Chinese class. His teacher is talking Beijing Opera with them. The students are looking at their teachers. They carefully (认真地).But one of Tony’s classmates a book,because he isn’t good at English and he English.

11.A.but B.and C.or D.because

12.A.sport B.language C.country D.subject

13.A.say B.speak C.tell D.talk

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14.A.in B.on

15.A.have B.is hasing

16.A.at B.to

17.A.to B.in

18.A.listen to

C.are listening 19.A.are reading B.is reading

20.A.likes B.doesn’t like

Ⅲ.阅读理解(每小题2分,满分20分) C.at C.has C.for C.about B.listening to D.are listening to C.reads C.don’t like D.about D.is having D.of D.at D.read D.isn’t liking


It’s late at night. Martin is sitting on his bed and he’s looking at his clock. His neighbors are making a lot of noises and Arthur is very angry.

The people in Apartment 2 are dancing. The man in Apartment 3 is singing. The woman in Apartment 4 is practising the violin. The teenagers in Apartment 5 are listening to loud rock music(摇滚乐).The dog in Apartment 6 is barking. And the people in Apartment 7 are having a big argument(争吵).

It’s very late and Martin is tired and angry.What a terrible night!

21. Martin’s neighbors are .

A.noisy B.angry C.singing D.sleeping

22.The man in Apartment 3 is A.painting his apartment B.singing

C.fixing the apartment D.moving

23.The noisy people in Apartment 5 are A.young B.old C.women D.men

24.The dog in Apartment 6 isn’t .

A.sleeping B.making noise C.noisy D.friendly

25.The woman in Apartment 4 is . A.playing cards B.practising the violin

C.playing computers D.playing balls


We have twenty minutes’ rest between classes. Look! Most of us are playing during the rest time. Some students are on the playground. They are having a basketball game. Oh! A boy is running with a ball. And another is trying (尽力) to stop him. They are so cool. And there are some girls watching the game. Some students are in the classroom. They are talking. A few of them are reading or doing homework. Look! A girl is looking at the birds in a tree in front of the classroom. She must be thinking of something interesting because she is smiling (微笑).

What are the teachers doing? Do you know? Some of them are working in the office, and some are talking with students. Everyone is busy with his or her things. Busy and happy!

26. Where are some students having a game?

A. In the classroom. B. In front of the classroom.

C. On the playground. D. In the classroom.

27. A girl is looking at the birds. She is ______.

A. happy B. busy C. sad D. interesting

28. What are teachers doing?

A. Working or talking with students.

B. Having a basketball game.

C. Playing with the students.

D. Talking to each other.

29. There are ______ students in the classroom.

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