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1.on earth 1.在地球上 2.tell us about… 2.向我们讲述… 3.save the animals 3.拯救动物 4.There used to be… 4.过去有… 5.It is discovered that… 5.据发现… 6.自从那时,从那时起 6.since then 7.be/ become polluted 7.被污染 8.one foot long 8.一英尺长 9.它十英尺长。 9.It is ten feet long. 10.It weighs 1000 pounds. 10.它重1000磅。 11.它有多重? 11.How much does it weigh? 12.a pound of meat 12.一磅肉 13.匆匆忙忙地 13.in a hurry / hurry to do...

1.be for doing… 1.同意… 2.be against doing… 2.反对… 3.in my life 3.在我一生中 4.be suitable for… 4.对…适合 5.教育某人做某事 5.educate sb. to do… 7.就某事教育某人 7.educate sb. about … 8.令人吃惊的是… 8.to one’s surprise 9.be surprised at… 9.对…感到吃惊 10.做…非常吃惊 10.be surprised to do… 11.被叫做 11. be called 12. pull down 12.摧毁 13. be pulled down 13.被摧毁 14.在业余时间 14.in one’s spare time 15.make model toys for… 15.为某人制作玩具模型

1.kind of… 2.look like … 3.be like 4.tell sb. about sth. … 5.save the animals 6.agree with ../disagree with … 7. protect / take care of animals 8.be/ become polluted 9.one foot long 10.a pound of meat 11.two pounds of meat 12.go to ..in a hurry / hurry to do .. 13.how far how tall/high 14.be endangered 15.be against doing… 16.be suitable for sb. to do …

17.educate sb. to do… 18.urge sb. to do… 19.clean and safe places 20.provide sb. with sth./sth. for sb. 21.to one’s surprise 22.be surprised at… 23.be surprised to do… 24.recycle paper 25.collect recycled paper 26. hear of/hear about …27. be built out of… 28. raise money for 29. be made from/of… 30. pull down 31.in one’s spare time

1.--我喜欢水,我喜欢吃蔬菜. –你像一头海牛。 --I ______ water . I like ______ _______ . --You _____ ______ a manatee. 2,我们正尽力拯救海牛。We’re ________ _____ ______ manatees. 3,过去有许多海牛 。 There ________ _____ _____ a lot of manatees. 4,许多沼泽地已经受到了污染。 Some of the swamps ______ ________ ______________. 5,在1972年,据发现他们是濒临灭绝的。 In 1972 ,it was ______ that they___ ________. 1,like, eating vegetables ,are like 2, trying to save 3,used to be 4, have become polluted 5,discovered were endangered

6.海牛有多大 ? -- 他们有十英尺长,重约一千磅。 _______ _____ are manatees? They’re 10 ______ ______ and they ________ about 1000 _______. 7,我反对在我们城市建立一个新的动物园。 I _____ _____ _______ a new zoo in our town. 8,我从没看到一个适合动物居住的动物园 I _______ ______ ______ one zoo that _____ ______ _____ animals to ________ ______. 9,当你在洗头发的时候,关上水龙头。 ________ _____ the shower while you ________ _______ your hair.=_______ _____ the shower while __________ your hair. pounds 7am against 6,How big feet long weigh building 8

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