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电影 喜剧 记录片 恐怖片 事实上 学习 历史 最喜爱的 成功的 周末 也,太 找到 思考,认为

movie comedy documentary thriller really learn history favorite successful weekend too find think

opera 歌剧 funny 有趣的 时常,经常 often with 与…一起 new 新的 action 动作 令人激动的 exciting sad 悲伤的 scary 可怕的

June 认为可以了解中国历史。
June thinks she can learn about Chinese history.

Xiao Ming often goes to movies with his father on weekends.

I don’t think thrillers are scary.

My favorite sport is swimming.

She really likes comedies , she thinks those are funny.

What kind of sports does he like?

She thinks action movies are exciting.

Li Ming likes comedies and documentaries.

按要求转换句型 1.He thinks the movie is very interesting(否定句) He doesn’t think the movie is very interesting.

2.I like comedies best. (划线提问) What kind of movies do you like best? 3.He wants to be a teacher. (划线提问) What does he want to be? 4.My birthday is in August. (划线提问) When is your birthday?
5.what, do, do, on, you, weekends (?) What do you do on weekends?

根据下面信息,用第三人称来描述Jane Green 的情况。
Name: Jane Green Age:13 Hobbies: action movies; comedies; Beijing Opera Country(国家) : America On weekdays : go to school On weekends : go to movies

Jane Green is my good friend. She is 13 years old. She is from America. She goes to school at 7:30 from Monday to Friday. On weekends , she often goes to movies. Her favorite movies are action movies and comedies . She thinks they’re very funny. She likes Beijing Opera ,too . She thinks she can learn a lot about Chinese history. She often goes to see Beijing Opera with her parents.

1. I like apples, _________I like pears, too. A. and B. But C. or 2. Danger Zone is an ________ movie, and it's very ___________ A. comedy; scary B. action; exciting C. cartoon; funny 3. _____the same reason, I like Chinese comedies. A. With B. For C. In 4. What ___________Cindy _________ on Children's Day? A. does; doing B. does; do C. do; doing 5. From Beijing, I can learn ______. A. a lot. B. a lot of C. lots of 6. I _____ the thrillers is scary. A. want B. like C. think

7.What do you ________ do? A.want B.want to C.like D.to like 8.My grandfather ________ stay ________ home and watch TV. A.like, at B.like, in C.likes to, at D.likes to, in 9.________ kind of movies ________ Lucy like? A.What, does B.What, do C.What’s, does 10.________ a word, we can learn a lot ________ Chinese history. A.For, for B.In, about C.For, about D.In, for 11.Gina likes action movies, ________ she doesn’t

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