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足球/网球/乒乓球 排球 听起来 有趣的 困难的 观看 收藏品 仅仅 每一,每个 大量的 无聊的 更多 美妙的,大的 社团;俱乐部

soccer /tennis/ping-pong ball volleyball sound interesting /fun difficult watch collection only every many boring more great club

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? watch TV 看电视 大量的体育品收藏 ? a great sports collection ? an interesting book 一本有趣的书 做体育运动 ? play sports 每天 ? every day 网球拍 ? tennis racket

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你的弟弟有一个足球吗? Does your brother have a soccer ball? 让我们一起回家吧! Let’s go home. 我们有很多运动俱乐部。 We have many sports clubs. Jim有大量的体育品收藏。 Jim has a great sports collection. 他只是在电视上观看篮球比赛。 He only watches basketball games on TV. 你有多少本书? How many books do you have? 那听起来很难。 That sounds too difficult.

Do you / they have…? Yes, I /they do No, I / they don’t Does he /she /Jim have ….? Yes, he/she…. does. No, he/she doesn’t

I /They have a computer. She /He / Mary has a computer.
I /They don’t have a soccer ball. She /He /Mary doesn’t have a soccer ball.

1.I ______ C TV at night(在晚上). A.look at B.see C.watch D.look 2.Let’s _______ A the map on the wall. A.look at B.see C.watch D.look 3.I can ______ B many things on the table. A.look at B.see C.watch D.look 4.The question is not easy. It’s very ______. A A.difficult B.difficulty C.relating D.not difficult 5.Let’s play _______ basketball. I don’t like C playing _______ violin(小提琴)at home. A.the, the B.the, × C.×, the D.×, × A your friend like English? 6.______ A.Does B.Do C.Is D.Has

A our club, please! 7.______ A.Join B.Join in C.Come D.Go 8.Let’s ______ B and ______ football on the playground. A.to go, to play B.go, play C.to go, play D.go, to play B 9._______ they have any sports collections? Yes, they _______. A.Are, are B.Do, do C.Can, do D.Do, can 10.Can you ______ B it ______ English? A.speak, in B.say, in C.talk, with D.tell, with

sounds (sound) interesting. 1.That ________ Do you ____ have 2._____ (have) a tennis racket? has 3.My brother ____ (have) a baseball bat. 4.We have many _____club ) in our school. clubs them 5.Let’s watch ________ (they) on TV. plays(play) sports every day. 6.She _____ 7.Can you _______ bring (bring) your new picture books here? Does your friend ____ like (like) sports? 8.______ us 9.Let ________ (we) play tennis. interesting 10.That’s an ________ (interest) computer game.

选词填空 do, does, don’t, doesn’t, is, am, are, be, can, can’t does 1.What ______Sue have? She has many sports things. don’t 2.Do you have some more paper? No, I _____. 3.There ______ are two

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