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人教版九年级英语Unit13 phrases

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Unit13 Section B 1a-2c 练习 1.我的夹克衫已经无法御寒了。 out My jacket can’tkeep ______ _____ the cold any more. mystery in Bell Tower neighborhood. 2.There is a _______ (mystery) 3.Lookout sunglasses are used for that mysterious _________ look. (mystery) silky (光滑)。 4.Her skin is very ______ 5.His hair is the shiniest ________(最有光泽) of all. products 产品)? 6.Do you like the________( astes terrible. 7.This kind of toothpaste t_____ well 真的很有效) 8.Beauty Cream works ______ really _____.( 9.I lost myself in the beauty ______(美丽) of the countryside. 10.I lost myself in the beautiful _________ countryside. (美丽) Have you ever ____ had Beijing Duck? (have) 11.____ Yes, I have.

1.______________(advertise) is everywhere. Advertising 2.Some people hate ads,saying ______(say) that they make our cities and countryside look ugly. 3.Many ads are aimedspecifically _________(specific) at teenagers. 4.We can see many __________(advertise) every day. advertisements 5.It is true that some ads can be veryuseful ______(use). 6.When pricesare _________(list), you can go to the listed stores with thelowest _______(low) prices. 7.Some advertising can be confusing ________(confuse) and _________(mislead). misleading 8.The things are a lotcheaper ________(cheap). 9.An a can lea you ______(buy) something you to buy don’t need at all. 10.As a student, you must tell the ______(true). truth

1.我要去最便宜的商店,以便节约钱。 with the ______ lowest price ____ so that I will go to the store ____ ____ save much money. I can _____ 2.这种洗发液很有效。 works(_____)very out well This kind of shampoo _____ _____. 3.我的太阳镜不起作用。它甚至连太阳都遮不住。 don’t ______. work They don’t My lookout glasses _______ keep _____ out even ______ the sun. 4.有些广告确实有用。 It’s ______ true ______ that some ads can be very _____. useful _____ 5.这种牙膏味道很差。 tastes _______. terrible This kind of toothpaste ______ 6.你今天看上去好多了。 a _____ lot _______ better today. You look _____ 7.作为一个学生, 你应该说实话。 As a student, you should _____ tell truth _____ the ______.

8.说实在的,我很喜欢这本书。 To ____ be _______, honest I like this book very much. ____ 9.有些产品的质量不好,你要小心。 quality of The _________ _____ some products isn’t good. You shouldcareful be ________. 10.有时我乘公共汽车去上学,还有的时候我步行。 At times at other _____ _____ I go to school by bus, and ____ ______ times I go to school on foot. ______ 11.努力工作能带来成功。 Working lead _____ to success ______ hard can ______ _________. 12.有些广告能使你买一些有用的东西。 lead you _____ to useful Some ads can _____ buysomething _______ ______. 13.例如,你可以在那儿买到你需要的东西。 For _________, instance you can buy something that you _____ need _____. jump

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