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九年级复习七上七上eview unit 1-2

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Unit 1

First name

My name is Allan Green. Last name= Family name His Chinese name is Zhang Mingming. First name

telephone number=phone number

What’s your telephone number?
My telephone number is 856-6581 It is /It’s 856-6581

it is = it’s
What’s =what is I am= I’m

Allan Green
What’s his name? His name is Allan Green. What’s his family/last name?

His family/last name is Green
What’s his first name ?

His first name is Allan.

我的 名字 时钟 遇见 三 数字 电话 卡片

my name clock meet three number telephone card

问题 回答 最后的 家庭 第一的 什么 看 八

question answer last family first what look eight

你 you

我 I

他 he


它 it

she they

你的 我的 他的 她的 他们的 它的
your my his her their its

你 (宾 ) 我
you me





1.我叫Jenny.我是一个英国女孩 My name is Jenny . I am an English girl. 2.他的名字是Tom. 他是我的朋友。 His name is Tom. He is my friend 3.Jim是他们的朋友。 Jim is their friend. 4.见到你很高兴,你叫什么名字? Nice to meet you . What’s your name? 5.请问,他叫什么名字? Excuse me. What’s his name?

6.她的电话号码是多少? 278-6826.

What’s her telephone number? It’s 278-6826. Her family name is Green.



What’s your name? May I know your name ?
9. 你,吉姆和我都是好朋友。

9.You, Jim and I are good friends.

Unit 2

指示代词:This (这个)-- These That(那个)-- Those

This is his pencil sharpener.
That is her English dictionary.

Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. Is that her eraser? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

Lost and Found: 失物招领 ---How do you spell “watch”? ---W-A-T-C-H
Please call John at 035-7328.
请打0357328找约翰。 They call me Tina. 他们叫我蒂娜。

在be动词引起的一般疑问句中,be动词的形 式由主语决定。 当主语为第三人称单数时,谓语用单数is; 当主语为第二人称或其他复数人称时,be动 词用are; 当主语为I时,be动词用am。


这个 那个 字典 打电话 遗失 找回 橡皮 手表 钥匙 原谅

this that dictionary call lost found eraser watch key excuse

用英语 怎样 请 失物招领 一串 拼写

in English how please lost and found a set of spell

1.这是我的铅笔. This is my pencil 2. 这些是我的字典。 Those are my dictionaries. 3.那用英语怎么说? What is that in English? 4.这是你的橡皮吗? Is this your eraser? 5.你怎样拼写手表? How do you spell watch? W-A-T-C-H.

6. 在失物招领箱里的钥匙是你的吗? Is that your key in the lost and found case? 7.请拨打495-3539找Alan. Please call Alan at 495-3539.

用括号里单词的适当形式填空。 her 1.That is _____ bike. (she) 2.-What’s this in English? -_____is a watch. (its) It are 3.Alan and I _____(be) good

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