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温州蒙氏教育七年级下基础自测题Unit One


说英语_____________ 弹吉他___________ 参加美术俱乐部___________________________下象棋_____________ 游泳俱乐部____________善于_____________结交朋友__________________ 和某人做游戏 _______________ 在某方面帮助某人 ____________说英语的学生 ________在周末_____________ ,对…有办法_______________


1. Can you play the v_______? 2. He can d_______ and sing.

3. I want to join the art c______. 4. Does he play the p_______ every day?

5.She's a m _______,she can play the guitar. 6.There are two ________(piano) in the music club in our school.

7.Can he play the guitar ________(good)? 参加)

9. My uncle has three _______(child). 10. Mr Li t________ us English.


1.They can’t sing. They can’t dance. (合并成一句) They ________ sing _____ dance. (划线提问)_________ ________ _____ she want to join? 划线提问) _________ ________ _________ sister _____?

4. Li Lei can play the violin. (一般疑问句) _________ Li Lei ___________ the violin?


We _____you ___ help _____ _________ ____ English-speaking students.


( ) 1.—Can you _______ Japanese? — Yes,a little. A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk

( ) 2. I can play ___ very well. A. guitar B. the guitar C. guitars D. a guitar

( ) 3. —Do you like apples________ pears? —I like apples. A. or B. and C. also D. too

( )4. Maybe he can _______ in their basketball team. A. is B. be C. are D.am

( )5. I can’t sing Japanese songs very _________. A. well B. much C. good D.nice

( )6. We want two good musicians __________ our rock band. A. for B. in C. at d.to

( ) 7.—Can you see a bird _________ the tree? —No, I can't see___________.

A. in;any B. in;a C. on;some D. in;some

( ) 8. Please come and ________.A. join we B. join us C. join in D. join

( ) 9. My mother often cooks _______ for us.

A. something delicious B. delicious something C. anything delicious D. delicious anything

( )10. You can _____ it in English. The actor can’t ____ Chinese at all.

A. speak, speak B. tell, say C. say, speak D. talk, say


Jane and John sister and brother. They like music. Jane can play the

piano. But she play the violin. John can’t play the piano. But he play the violin. Today they to carry a piano Jane’s bedroom. piano is heavy(重). They can’t it. parents aren’t at home. But they a cousin brother Mike. He is here today. They ask Mike to them.

( )1. A. is B. am C. are D. be ( )2. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t D.does

( )3. A. can B. can’t C. doesn’t D.does ( )4. A. like B. likes C. can D. want

( )5. A. at B. in C. to D.for ( )6. A. The B. a C. / D.an

( )7. A. take B. carry C. help D.like

( )8. A. Jane’s and John B. Jane’s and John’s C. They’s D. Jane and John’s

( )9. A. have B. like C. want D.has ( )10. A. come B. go C. join D.want



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