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2014年冀教版七年级英语下Unit3 School Life全单元精美教案(共计25页)

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Book Two

Unit 3 Lesson 13: How Is School Going?

戴叶霞 / 河北省张家口市第七中学

Teaching Analysis

1. Teaching Aims

? Knowledge Section:

(1)Master the following words:life, term, start, finish, twice, win, social, myself

(2)Common phrases:sport meet, twice a week \ year, long \ high jump, be good at, social studies, by oneself

? Skill Section

Continue to build up the ability in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, especially enable the students to make sentences in English about their school life.

? Affect Section

Get students to know how to describe their school life correctly.

2. Teaching Focus

Vocabulary and patterns in this lesson

3. Difficult points

How is … going?

Teaching Aids

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