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1. I played the guitar ____ the morning of June 20th.

A. in B. on C. at D. with

2. —How was your vacation?

—We had great fun ____ on the beaches.

A. play B. plays C. playing D. played

3. Please give __ some food to eat. He's hungry.

A. he B. his C. them D. him

? ---He is a police officer.

A. Who is your father B. What is your father do

C. What your father is D. What does your father do

5. (2013 福建泉州)---Mum,I’m going to school now .

-----OK._______ your coat ,please.It’s cold outside.

A Put on B Put away C Put out

6. ---_____? ---It’s cloudy.

A. How’s the weather like in Shanghai

B. How’s the weather in Shanghai

C. What is the weather in Shanghai

D. Which is the weather in Shanghai

7. I don't ____ what young people think of me.

A. feel B. want C. mind D. watch

8. Carol ___ some reading and ____ English last Saturday.

A. did, practiced B. did, practicing

C. do, practiced D. does, practices

9.------Who cleaned the classroom this morning?

-------Li Hong ____.

A. does B. was C. did D. is

10. Thank you A. for giving, much B. for give, many

C. to give, many D. to give, much

11. ------Would you like ___ basketball with us?

------I'd love to. I like __ basketball very much.

A. playing, to play B. playing, playing

C. to play, playing D. to play, play

12. have two cats.One is black,and _______is white.

A.some B.other C.the other D.another

13. —____ do you think of the weekend talk? —I ____ stand it. 1

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