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牛津英语7A Unit1 This is me教学课件

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Unit one This is me

Welcome to the unit

句子翻译 1,丽丽的朋友有很多礼物给她. have lots of presents___ for her Millie’s friends _____ 2,我们中的一些谈论有趣的电影. us talk about Some of _____ ____ interesting films. 3, 我走向她向她唱生日快乐歌. I ____ to her and sing ‘Happy birthday’ walk ____ to her . ____ 4, 我和弟弟分享一个房间. share a room _____ with my brother . I _______ 5, 我们玩得都很开心. all a good time . We _____ have ____

6, 星期一是我一周最喜欢的一天 favourite day ____ of the week. Monday is my ________ 7, 今天我感觉非常开心 feel very happy today . I ______ 8, 他看起来又高又壮 looks tall and _______. strong He ______ 9, 我买给他一本音乐书 him I buy ______ a music book. for him. I buy a music book _____ 10, 他戴着一顶黑色的便帽 wears a black cap. He _____

改写句子 1, My brother and I have a football.(同义句) share a football _____ with my brother. I ______ 2, My favourite lesson is English(同义句) like I ______ English ______. best 3, I feel cold today. (划线提问) How do ______ you feel today ? _____ 4, I go to Shang Hai on Wednesday. When do you go to Shang Hai ? _____ 5, He would like to play football after school wants to play football after school ? He ______

Free talk
Good morning !
How are you today ?

What time is it ? Which day(哪一天) is your favourite day ?
What do you get at your birthday party ? Do you get an e-dog ?

an e-dog

Eddie and Hobo

whose master is Eddie? Hobo’s master is Eddie.

master Eddie



1. 1. 1. 1.

Listen and answer What’s the yellow dog’s name? Eddie What’s the e-dog’s name? Hobo Who is the master? Eddie Is Eddie happy in picture1?Why?

Yes, he is . Because, he has an e-dog.

1.Is Eddie happy in picture4?Why?
No, he isn’t . Because, he must read the book about how to look after the e-dog.

7.15 a.m.

Good morning.

2.45 p.m.

Good afternoon.

6.00 p.m.

Good evening.

10.30 p.m.

Good night.


2:30p.m. 8:40p.m.


Good morning/afternoon/evening/night ?

What time is it / What’s the time ?
What do you do at…….?

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