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I. 单项选择 (15分)

( ) 1. –Have you ever been to an aquarium? –No, _____. A. I have B. I am not C. I haven’t D. I hasn’t ( ) 2. –I’ve never been to a water park. --______ A. Me, too. B. Me, neither. C. Me also. D. Me both. ( ) 3. Have you ever argued _____ your parents? A. to B. with C. and D. on ( ) 4. I’ve never _____ the news. A. hear B. heard C. heard from D. heard of

( ) 5. To be a policeman is _______ I ever wanted to be. A. that B. all C. what’s D. only

( ) 6. –______ have you been studying English? –Since 2002. A. How often B. How long C. How many times D. How old ( ) 7. How long has he _____ the job. A. found B. changed C. had D. got

( ) 8. I’m a new comer here, so I had a lot of problems _______ the bus stop. A. looking for B. to look for C. find D. finding ( ) 9. China has the _______ population in the world. A. largest B. most C. more D. highest

( )10. You can’t find _______ in such a small place.

A. something to eat B. nothing to eat C. anything to eat D. anything eating ( )11. Can you tell me the reason _______ learning English? A. of B. to C. for D. on

( )12. It was _____ I could speak French that I got the job. A. why B. so C. because D. when

( )13. The Language School has really _____ me _____ English. A. helped; learned B. help; learned C. help; learn D. helped; learn ( )14. The best way to learn English well is ______ it. A. to use B. to using C. uses D. use

( )15. The temperature is almost the same all year in Singapore because it’s so close to ____. A. the earth B. China C. the equator D. the sea V. 完形填空 (10分)

race--42.2 kilometers , and good about an important battle (战斗their leader(领袖) was very excited. He shouted, "We message to Athens(雅典) at ” Pheidippides ll the other men!” Pheidippides ran as fast as he ( )1. A. dangerous B. interesting C. short D. long ( )2. A. players B. runners C. doctors D. workers ( )3. A. subject B. result C. story D. book ( )4. A. ago B. before C. after D. later ( )5. A. answer B. give C. bring D. send

( )6. A. What B. Who C. Where D. When ( )7. A. slower B. higher C. further D. faster ( )8.A. good B. sad C. lucky D. safe ( )9. A. jumped B. went C. fell D. moved ( )10. A. last B. first C. best D. real


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