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1.I am sure that it’s a_________________(rain) day tomorrow, do you think so?

2.The day after tomorrow my grandmother is going to have her____________(ninety) birthday. 3.This is a__________________(sand) field, so you can’t plant any rice in it. 4.There is something wrong with my head, I am not ___________________(I) today. 5.I have never ___________________(see) the film which is named “Hero”. B.根据首字母完成单词(5%)

1.Lucy can do her homework a_______________ ,she doesn’t want any help. 2.Tom told us he didn’t know the o_________________ question.

3.Everyone knows that the t____________________ accident happened to Tom yesterday. 4.I really want to have a w____________________ time on the weekend. 5.How w____________________ it is today! I can hardly open my eyes. 二、用所给动词的正确形式填空(10%)

1.Lily __________________ (write) back to them as soon as she hears from her parents. 2.Tim____________________(be) a computer fan, won’t he?

3.Everyone ________________( not take) out the books until the teacher arrives at school. 4.Be careful, or you ___________________(fall)behind the other students. 5.If you _______________(try) your best to do everything, everything is possible.

6.I________________(stay) in Chongqing two days ago, now I_________________(stay) in

Beijing, I_________________(fly)to London in five days.

7.I’ll need__________________ (do) some____________________ (wash) tomorrow. 三、句型转换(10%)

1.This violin cost me much money. (变反意问句)

This violin cost me much money, ____________________________________? 2.Tom wrote us a funny story.(用now作时间状语并变一般问句) ______________________Tom ________________you a funny story?


______________________________ Henry go skating on the lake? 4.I would not like to eat anything. (同义句)

I________________________________ eating anything. 5.The problem is too hard for us to work out. (同义句)

The problem isn’t _______________________________ for us to work out. 五、完型填空(15%)

It’s easier to go downhill than to climb uphill, so it’s easier to fall into bad habits than into Schoolboys first pick up little bad habits and on the streets. When they cannot do their smoke. If they see their friends gambling(赌博), they want to gamble. When they get the habits become stronger and stronger. Then they can no longer give them up. From copying, they learn 欺骗that we stop the bad habits at the beginning!

( )1.A. one B. ones C. other D. others ( )2.A. slowly B. usually C. exactly D. suddenly ( )3.A. danger B. idea C. plan D. hope ( )4.A. work B. school C. home D. night ( )5.A. parents B. teachers C. classmates D. students ( )6.A. still B. too C. also D. yet ( )7.A. thinner B. fatter C. older D. younger ( )8.A. read B. give C. write D. steal ( )9.A. At last B. At first C. At least D. At most ( )10.A. silly B. important C. difficult D. easy 六、阅读理解(30%)

A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. while I was in the back room D. while I was in the garden )7. Before the storm came, the weather was______.

A. cold B. cool C. hot D. warm )8. The storm went on for______.

A. over three hours B. three hours C. less than three hours D. two hours

)9. The wind blew some of the paper______.

A. all over the floor B. out of the door C. into the back room D. out of the open window ( )10. The top of the back room was broken because of______.

A. the hot air B. the crashing sound C. the rain D. the falling tree 七、翻译(10%)


_____________________________weather it is! 2.这辆车的价格非常低, 我负担得起。

The price of the car is__________________________ I can buy it. 3.我和我的同班同学相处得非常融洽。

I___________________________________ my classmates. 4.在你完成试卷后, 请仔细检查一遍。

Please _____________________________your paper after you finish it. 5.这一辆新自行车花了我550元钱。

This new bike_____________________________________550 Yuan.

According to the information in the form, choose the best answer: ( )1.Lucy wants to make snowmen.Where should she go?

A. Beijing B. Lhasa C. Chongqing D. Changsha ( )2.Jim takes an umbrella with him today. He must be in_____.

A. Changsha B.Guilin C.Fuzhou D. Chongqing ( )3.Which city is the warmest?

A. Beijing B.Changchun C.Haikou D.Lhasa ( )4.How many cities` temperature stay above zero?

A.7 B.3 C.5 D.1 ( )5.The coldest city is_____.

A. Beijing B. Changchun C. Lhasa D. Chongqing


Last Sunday I saw the worst storm. It came suddenly and went on for more than three hours. After lunch, I went into my room to have a rest. The air was hot, and everything was quiet. The strong wind started blowing into my room suddenly. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air and some flew out of the open window. As I ran out to catch them, big drops of rain began to fall.

When I came back into the house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loud crashing(碰撞的) sound from the back of the house. I ran out of my room to find out what it was--- a big tree fell down and broke the top of the back room. ( )6. The storm happened______.

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