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Unit 10

I’ve had this bike for three years.

Do you know?

1a Look at the things at the yard sale. Do you have any of these things at home? How long have you had them?
Language Goal: Talk about possessions and things around you.

1b Listen and check (?) the facts you hear.

? Jeff’s family is having a yard sale. ____
____ ? Amy thinks its hard to sell her old things.

____ Jeff has had his bike for more than 10 years.
____ Amy wants to keep her old things because they bring back sweet memories.

? You can also give old things away to people ____ in need.

Tape scripts
Amy: You have some great things at this yard sale, Jeff. Jeff: Thanks, Amy. Our family has collected so many things over the years, but we don’t use them anymore. Amy: But isn’t it hard to sell some of your things? There are many things I’ve had since I was a child. I don’t think I could sell them. Jeff: Yes, its hard to say goodbye to certain things. Amy: By the way, how long have you had that bike over there?

Jeff: I’ve had it for three years! I learned how to ride a bike on it. Amy: Old things really bring back sweet memories. But it’s true that we may never use some of these things again. Jeff: Yes, like old toys or books you’ve already read. You can sell those, or you can also give them away to kids or people who need them. Amy: Oh! How much is this book? Jeff:You can have it for 75 cents.

1c Practice the conversation. Then make conversations about other things in the picture above.
A: This is a really old book. B: Yes, I’ve had it for seven years. I’ve read it three times. A: Why are you selling it? B: Because I don’t read it anymore. A: How much is it? B: You can have it for 75 cents.

2a Listen and check (?) the things Amy's family are giving away and circle the things they are keeping.

? magazine

toy bear bread maker?

toy lion? toy tiger?

sweater ?



2b Listen again and fill in the blanks.
1. Amy has had her favorite _____ book for three years. 2. Amy has had the toy ______ bear since she was a baby a _______. 3. Amy’s mom has had the old bread maker for more than ______ ten years, dress 4. Amy can give away the _______ sweater and ______ because they do not fit her anymore.

Tape scripts
Mom: Lets look through this box of old things and decide what to give away. Amy:I think I want to keep this book. I’ve had it for three years. Even though I’ve already read it twice, it’s still my favorite book. But we can give away the magazine. Mom: What about these soft toys? Amy: I want to keep the bear because I’ve had it since I was a baby. It has special meaning to me because Grandma gave it to me.

I’ll give away the lion and tiger. Mom: OK. And this old bread maker of mine can go, too. I’ve had it for more than 10 years. Aunt Taylor bought a new one for me last week. Amy: That’s great. We can still have homemade bread. And I can give away this sweater and dress, to

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