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人教版新目标七年级下Unit2 What time do you go to school复习课件

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Section A 1a-2c

What time is it? It’s … 顺读法:先小时后分钟

seven fifteen

six twenty-five

nine thirty

Let’s learn the activities of a day

get up

get dressed

go to school

brush teeth

eat breakfast

take a shower

Let’s learn the activities of a day

do homework

go to bed

go home

/`eks?saiz /

What time do you usually…?

I usually ….at….

12 9 6 3

What time do you usually brush teeth I?usually brush ____ teeth ____ at six ___ ______ o’clock


A: What _____ time _____ does ____ he ___ get ____? up B: He ___ ___ gets up at ______ seven ________. fifteen

What _____ time does go __ to school A: ____ _____she__ _____? B: She____ ____ at ____ _________. goes __ to school eight thirty

2. always 意为“总是,一直”
usually 意为“通常地,” never 意为“从未,绝不”

(用在实义动词前, 助动词/be动词后.)

often 意为“ 经常 ”
sometimes “有时 ”

I _______ usually (通常) get dressed at six forty. always (总是) late for class. Jack is _______ His grandpa _______ never (从未) exercises on weekends. often 经常)takes a shower at He _____( 7:00.


Role-play the conversation.

Interviewer: Scott has an interesting job. He works at a radio station. Scott, what time is your radio show? Scott: From twelve o’clock at night to six o’clock in the morning. Interviewer: what time do you usually get up? Scott: At eight thirty at night. Then I eat breakfast at nine. Interviewer: That’s a funny time for breakfast! Scott: Yeah. After that, I usually exercise at about ten twenty. Interviewer: when do you go to work? Scott: At eleven o’clock, so I’m never late for work.

What time do you usually get up?
What time do they get dressed? What time does Rick eat breakfast? When does Scott go to work? When do your friends exercise?

I usually get up at six thirty.
They always get dressed at seven twenty. He eats breakfast at seven o'clock. He always goes to work at eleven o'clock. He's never late. They usually exercise on weekends.

1.I get up at six thirty. (提问) What time do you get up? 2.She eats breakfast at a quarter past seven. What time does she eat breakfast? 3.Jerry goes to school at seven fifteen. What time does Jerry go to schol? 4.Mary takes a shower at 8:00. (一般疑问句) Does Mary take a shower at 8:00? 5.My father goes to work at half past eight.(同上)

Does your father go to work at half past eight?

Section B

Period One

逆读法: 先分钟后小时 5: 30 7:15 half past five a quarter past seven


a quarter past four
a quarter to eight


ten to seven

1aWhen do students usually do these

things? Match the activities with the time of day.





A: When do students usually ….? B: They usually ….at….

1c 1.去上学 2.去上班 3.回家 4.做作业 5.上床睡觉 6.散步 7.打扫我的房 间


go to school go to work go home do one’s homework go to bed ta

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