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1.A. weather B. with

2.A. library

3.A. doing

4.A. two workers

5.A. the next B. history B. boring B. work as B. the first C. who’s C. bring C. during C. look as C. the last Ⅱ.短对话理解(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

11. What is the boy’s sister doing?

A. She is listening to English. B. She is learning English. C. She is reading English.

12. How is the weather now?

A. Cloudy. B. Cold. C. Windy.

13. Where is Lucy?

A. Under the tree. B. At home. C. On the street

14. What do they want to do now?

A. To sit here. B. To eat dinner. C. To talk.

15. What does the man want to be?

A. A worker. B. A clerk. C. A doctor.


16. Where does the boy come from?

A. England. B. Canada. C. Australia.

17. What sport does the girl like?

A. Tennis. B. Running. C. Volleyball.

18. What’s Betty’s job?

A. A teacher. B. A reporter. C. A bank clerk.

19. Why does Betty want to be a reporter?

A. Because the job is exciting. B. Because the job is not busy.

C. Because the job is important.

20. Is the man a teacher?

A. Yes, he is. B. No. He is a reporter. C. No. He is a bank clerk.


21. What language can Ann speak?

A. English and Chinese. B. English and French. C. English and Japanese.

22. Where is Ann now?

A. In England. B. In New York. C. In Shanghai.

23. What does Ann do on weekends?

A. She plays with her friends. B. She has classes. C. She plays basketball.

24. Where does Ann’s father work?

A. In a hospital. B. In a post office. C. In a factory(工厂)

25. What do the Chinese workers make?

A. Clocks. B. Watches. C. Pens.


( )31. Here two pencil cases for you.

A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )32. --What’s he doing? --He is______.

A take photo B taking photos C takeing photos D takes photos

( )33. Kate ________like tigers _______lions at all.

A. doesn’t, and B. doesn’t , or C. don’t, and D. don’t, or

( )34. There’s a basketball match ______ Sunday afternoon.

A on B in C at D by

( )35. Tom likes ______music.

A listening B listen to C listening to D to listen

( )36. These two bedrooms are ______.

A Lucy and lily B Lucy’s and lily’s C Lucy and Lily’s D Lucy’s and lily

( )37. Thanks for______ me the story.

A tell B to tell C tells D telling

( )38. They often go_______ by bike.

A shop B shopping C shops D to shopping

( )39.—What does he do? —______________

A. He’s very well. B. He’s eleven. C. He’s in Miss Xia’s office. D. He’s a policeman.

( )40.Do you want _________to the movies with us this evening?

A. go B. to go C. goes D. going

( )41.Look!The girl ________in the classroom.

A. dances B. dancing C. is dancing D. dance

( )42.Let____help____.

A. they, you B .us, his C .me, them D. we, you

( )43.—Where does your father work? —___________________

A .He works as a teacher. B. He works in a TV station.

C. He likes working. D. He likes his job.

( )44.Tom often ________TV on Sundays . It’s Sunday today, and he_________ TV now.

A. watches, is watching B. is watching, is watching

C. watches, watches D. is watching, watches

( )45.—____Li Hong_ ______reading English? —Yes, she does.

A. Is, like B. Does, like C. Is, liking D. Does, likes

( )46._________________? —Not bad.

A. What’s it going? B. Where’s it going?

C. How’s it going? D. How it is going?

( )47.The dolphins ____________interesting in the zoo.

A. kind of B .kinds of C. are kind of D. are kinds of

( )48.Where_________you_______?

A. do, from B. is, from C. are, come from D. are, from

( )49. Everyone ______him, because he is friendly.

A. like B. likes C. to like D. liking

( ) 50. Let’s _ to the movies now.――That great.

A. going, sounding B. go, sounds C. go, sound D. goes, sounds



Mr and Mrs White are teachers. They teach English in a big school. They go to by car. They home at eight o’clock in the morning and come back at four in the afternoon. is Ann. They are students. They are in classes in the same school. They go to school on their bikes. It takes 10 minutes to get there. Some of their friends to school too.

After they get home, Tom and Ann do homework. Mrs White does the cooking for her family. Mr White reads the newspaper. But Mr White helps his wife their supper. After supper. watch TV. The two children usually go to bed from Sunday night to Thursday night, because the next day they must go to school.

51.A. work B. school C. sleep D. home

52.A. start B. close C. leave D. begin

53.A. another B. the other C. the one D. the another

54.A. the same B. one C. different D. other

55.A. go B. walk C. ride D. drive

56.A. / B. theirs C. his D. their

57.A. usually B. often C. one day D. sometimes

58.A. with B. about C. of D. on

59.A. all they B. all of they C. all of them D. all them

60.A. early B. late C. quickly D. hard


people in his family; his mother Mrs Green, his father Mr. Green and his little sister Amy. He has a white cat. name is Betty. Look ! Amy is playing Betty. His father, Mr. Green,is watching TV. His mother is doing housework. What about Tony? He is doing Chinese homework. He can't Chinese well, but he likes Chinese very much.

works in a TV station. His father works in a school as an teacher. to the same school.

( ) 61. A. girl B. boy C. cat D. dog

( )62. A. on B. after C. with D. in 来源@~^:&中教网*]

( ) 63. A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 64. A. His B. Her C. It's D. Its

( )65. A. to B. with C. from D. at

( ) 66. A. her B. it's C. a D. his

( ) 67. A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk

( ) 68. A. father B. mother C. sister D brother

( ) 69. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. Australian

( ) 70. A. go B. goes C. going D. to go



It' s Sunday morning. There are many people in the park, some boys are playing basketball. There are some girls under a big tree. They' re singing and dancing. What are those women doing? They are drinking tea. Look at the woman in a blue coat. Who' s she? She' s my mother. She is talking to Edward. Edward is her student. He is a good student. He studies hard . He' s good at all the subjects. And he' s friendly to all his teachers and his friends.

( ) 71. The boys are__________ .

A. singing B. playing basketball C. dancing D. drinking

( ) 72.My mother is___________ .

A. a teacher B. an office C. a doctor D. a woman

( ) 73. Edward is in __________.

A. my home B. the classroom C. the zoo D. the park

( .

A. Some people. B. Some women. C. Some girls. D. Some boys.

( .

A. blue B. white C. red D. yellow


Bill is from Australia. He lives in Sydney. He can speak French and English, but he can' t speak Chinese. He has a pen pal in the United States. Her name is Lisa and she lives in New York. Bill' s favorite sport is basketball and he can play the guitar. Lisa' s favorite sport is tennis. She can't play the guitar, but she can play the piano and sing very well.

( .

A. Australia B. France C. the United States D. the UK

( A. Chinese B. American C. English D. Japanese

( )78. What languages does Bill speak?

A. Chinese B. French C. English D. B and C

( )79 What is Bill' s favorite sport?

A. tennis B. volleyball C. soccer D. basketball

( )80. Which sentence is NOT right?

A. Bill has a pen pal in the USA.

B. Bill can play the piano and Lisa can play the guitar.

C. Bill and Lisa like different (不同的) sports.

D. Lisa lives in New York.


A well-dressed (衣着很好)man goes into a restaurant one day. He sits down at a table near the window.

A waiter comes up to him and says, “Can I help you, sir?”

The man says, “Yes, please. Can I see the menu (菜单)?”

“Certainly,” answers the waiter. The man wants a good meal and he wants a lot of nice dishes. After a moment, the waiter brings them to him. The man is having his meal happily. At this time, a boy comes in and sits down besides the man. He asks the waiter to give him an ice cream. The man says, “I will be back in 5 minutes.” Then he goes out. After the boy eats his ice cream, the boy stands up and goes to the door. “Excuse me, your father did not give the money for the meal and your ice cream,” The waiter stops him and says.

“Father? You are wrong. He is not my father. I do not know him. I met him in the street. He said he would give me an ice cream if I came here at twelve o’clock.”

81. The man comes to the restaurant ___________.

A. to meet the boy B. to buy a newspaper

C. to eat an ice cream D. to have a good meal

82. The man has ________ in the restaurant.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner

83. ________ asked the boy to come to the restaurant.

A. The waiter B. The boy’s father C. The man D. Nobody

84. The waiter stops the boy because _______.

A. the man didn’t pay (付钱) for the meal and the ice cream

B. the boy didn’t have the meal

C. the boy’s father came back soon D. the boy wanted to run away

85. Which of the following is true?

A. The boy is the man’s son. B. The boy knows the man very well.

C. The waiter pays the meal and the ice cream. D. The man is a cheat (骗子).


Mr Green and Mrs Green have a son, Tom. They love him very much. Tom is only three years old. He likes asking questions.

One day Mr Green is sitting in a chair. He is reading a book and he has a banana in his hand. He likes to eat one while(当…… 时候)reading. Tom comes in. He asks Mr Green, “Daddy, what’s that?” Mr Green is interested in(对……感兴趣) the book. He doesn’t hear Tom. Tom shakes(摇动) his father’s leg and asks again, “What’s this? Tell me!” “A leg!” says Mr Green.

Tom goes out and says to Mrs Green, “Mum, I want to eat a leg.”

86. Mr Green and Mrs Green are Tom’s _______.

A. friends B. teachers C. classmates D. parents

87. Mr Green likes to eat ______ while reading.

A. a banana B. a book C. a hand D. a leg

88. There are _______ people in this story.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

89. Tom asks Mr Green what he is ________.

A. reading B. shaking C. eating D. cooking

90. Which of the following is right?

A. Tom likes answering question. B. Tom wants to read the book.

C. Mrs Green gives Tom a leg. D. Tom wants to eat a banana.


91. Ruth comes from New York. (同义句)

Ruth New York.

92. What’s the weather like today ? the weather today ?

93. Many people are in the room.. They are dancing .(合并为一句)

Many people in the room . is studying now .( 划线部分提问)

Studying now

95. They have an English class every day. (用now替换 every day )

They an English class now.



假如现在是晚上八点,你在做作业,哥哥和爸爸在下国际象棋(play chess),妈妈在看电视,奶奶在听音乐,爷爷和叔叔在谈话,大家都很忙。 中%&国教*^育出版网来源:@#中国教育出版&网~]中~^#国教育出版网&%


第一部分 听力部分(30分)

26. seven 27. goodbye 28. lunch 29. two 30. six

第二部分 笔试部分(120分)






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