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八年级英语上 unit1 sectionB 课时作业

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八年级英语上 课时作业

Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?

Section B

一 翻译下列句子

1. a) 我最终决定了我的想法。 (decide _____)

___________________________________________________________________________ b) 他决定了出发到靠近深圳的城市。(decide ____________)

2. a) 你可以试一试这条连衣裙。 (try ____)

___________________________________________________________________________ b) 我们过去尝试了滑翔伞运动。(try ___________)(过去____________) ___________________________________________________________________________ c) 我们正在努力学习英语。 (try _____________)


3. a) Tracy 感觉像是她正在天空中飞翔。 (feel like + 句子)

___________________________________________________________________________ b)他们想要吃一碗牛肉番茄面。 (feel like _______)


4. a)我想知道谁写这封信给我。 (wonder +句子)

___________________________________________________________________________ b)她想知道上那儿怎么走。(wonder +疑问词+不定式)

___________________________________________________________________________ c)我想知道你的婚礼时间。(wonder about sth.)


5. a)多么可爱的一个女孩啊! 感叹句式: What+a/an+(adj.)+单数可数n.+(主+谓语) ! ___________________________________________________________________________ b)多么绿的树啊! 多么好的天气! What+(adj. )+复数可数n./不可数n.+ (主+谓语) !___________________________________________________________________________ c)这本故事书真有趣啊! How+adj./adv.+ (主+谓语) !) ___________________________________________________________________________ 他跑得多快啊!

___________________________________________________________________________ d)他是一个多高的男孩啊! (How +形容词+ a +单数可数名词+主语+谓语!) ___________________________________________________________________________

6.a) Cindy当她八岁的时候就开始学习钢琴。 (start ___________)

___________________________________________________________________________ b)他开始在学生面前唱歌。 (start ____________)


7.a)我们等了一个小时的火车。(wait ___________)

___________________________________________________________________________ b)请等我,我一分钟后就到。 (wait___________)


8. a)因为这坏天气,我们不得不呆在家里。 ( because of + ) 1




9. a)我们上周没有带足够的钱去夏令营。 (enough +n.)


b)因为他不够努力,所以他没有通过考试。(______+enough; hard-working 努力的;pass通过) ___________________________________________________________________________


1. They decided _________the little boy to go home.

A. taking B. to take C. took D.to taking

2. –I______I ‘m not a smart girl. –No, you are a smart girl. You’re good at English.

A. am like B.look like C.feel like D.felt like

3. –Mom, Can I ride my bicycles ____the Dongshan Park after lunch? --Of course!

A. with B. at C.by D.to

4. –These shoes are too big for me. –Would you like to ____ another pair?

A. tried B.trying C.try D.tryed

5. – My father ______where I went last night.

A. is wondering B.wondered C.wondering D.wonders

6. The Math homework was so difficult ,but I tried _______it.

A. finishing B. to finish C.finished D.to finishing

7. Anna wondered ____to get to the post office.

A. where B.how C.why D.which

8. She felt like _____to the mountains last month.

A. go B. goes C. going D. went

9. We didn’t know the way to the hotel,but we tried _____there.

A.to walk B.walking C.walked D. walking to

10. Does Tom wonder ____the time for English class?

A. to B.with C.about D.at

11. ______a difference a day makes !

A.How B.What C.Why D.Who

12. ______expensive the watch is !

A.How B.What C.Why D.Who

13._______beautiful eyes she has!

A.How B.What C.Why D.Who

14. _______quickly he is writing!

A.How B.What C.Why D.Who

15. ______big an apple it is!

A.How B.What C.Why D.Who

16. At seven, we started _________the bus to school.

A.taking B.to take C.took D.to taking

17.Rita waited over an hour ____the train because of the delaying(延迟).

A.with B.on C.for D.at

18.________the heavy rain, we couldn’t get to school on time.

A. Because B.Because of C.Because to D.If

19. If you aren’t hard-working ______, you will not pass the test.


A. enough B.below C.in the past D.enough 3

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