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八年级英语上 课时作业-Unit2

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八年级英语上 课时作业

Unit2 How often do you exercise?

Section A


1.What does he usually do ________ weekends?

A.on B.in C.for D.to 2.—How often do you meet friends? —________

A.Once a week. B.Very few. C.In my home. D.Almost. 3.—________ do you use the Internet? —Once a week.

A.How long B.How often C.How far D.How many 4.I ________ go to the movie because I’m always busy.

A.usually B.often C.hardly ever D.always 5.She ________at home now.

A.maybe B.may be not C.may be D.maybe not 6.— Why not come to my house for dinner tomorrow? — Sorry, tomorrow is quite ___for me.

A. not busy B.full C.not full D.no full

7.—Hey, Tom. How about ____shopping with me this evening? —Sorry, I _____ buy things online.

A.going;sometimes B.go; never C.to go; hardly ever D.going; always 8.—How often does Lily stay up late?

—She stays up late _____three times a week.

A. in the end B.at last C.at least D.at first 9.—Does he often go to the gym?

—No, _______. He doesn’t like sports at all.

A.always B.never C.sometimes D.usually 10.— Do you think he’ll come back in two hours?

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A. May be B.May not be C. Maybe not D. May be not

11. _______students in our class like watching TV.

A.Most B. Most of C.The most D.The most of

12. If you __________for your favorite TV programs, you will feel sleepy.

A. stay up B.put up C. stand up D.pick up

13. _________milk would you like to drink?

A. How long B.How many C.How much D.How often




2.Jim does his homework at 8 every day. (改为否定句)








6.We have a Chinese lesson on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.(改为同义句) We have Chinese lessons ________ ________ a week.

7.Mary always has a cup of tea after dinner.(改为否定句)

Mary __________ has a cup of tea after dinner.



Section B


1. 垃圾食品____________ 2.健康的习惯____________ 3. 对。。。有益处________________

4. 三次或四次___________5.网络的使用____________6. 在他们空闲的时间____________

7. 去上网_______________8.问某人关于某事_______________________________________

9. 使用某物做某事_______________________10. 这些问题的答案_____________________

11. 这些门的钥匙________________________12.尽管;虽然___________________________

13. 诸如;例如__________________________14.旧习难改____________________________

15. 某人花多少 钱/时间 在某事上 / 做某事______________________________________


1.She likes _____ and ______very much.

A. vegetable; fruits B.vegetables; fruits C.vegetables; fruit D.vegetable; fruit

2. My ___________are pretty good.

A.eat habit B.eating habits C.eating habit D.eat habits 2 / 5

3. Good food and exercise help me _____ better.

A. studies B. studying C.studied D.to study

4.I enjoy playing computer games, but I can’t ________ too much time ________ that.

A.take;doing B.spend:doing C.spend;for doing D.take;to do

5.I can’t understand this text ________ there are few new words in it.

A.because B.although C.if D.and

6.—The blue jacket looks nice on you. ________ is it?

—It’s 50 dollars.

A.How many B.How much C.How long D.How often

7.It’s good _____us ____ morning exercises every day.

A.of ; to do B.for ; doing C.of ; doing D.for;to do

8.Be quick! ________.

A.The bus comes here B.The bus here comes

C.Here the bus comes D.Here comes the bus

9.He found ________ very interesting to ride a horse on the farm.

A.this B.that C.it D.a

10.Over sixty percent of water in the earth _____ from ocean(海洋).

A. are B.is C.was D.were

11.Here are the results of seventy ______of students at our school.

A.percents B.percent C.hundreds D.thousands(千)

12. ______I’m not very healthy, ______I have one healthy habit.

A. May be; although B.May be ; but C.Maybe; although D.Although; but

13. The two kids practice spoken English ____joining the English club.

A. by B.in C.on D.with

14. The moonlight(月光) is shining ______the window. Everything in the room looks so nice.

A. over B.across C.through D.past

15. —Mom, Tony came back home late again .

—Oh, baby. We weren’t ______that he didn’t come back for our dinner.

A. surprising B.surprised C.surprise D.to surprise

16. I like drinks ______cola and tea.

A. such B. such as C. for example D. so

17. Tom, ______, is a good friend.

A. such B. such as C. for example D. so

18. The answers ___our questions about watching television were also interesting .

A. with B.by C.on D.to

19. Please ask him to study for tests _____it’s too late.

A. after B.before C.in front of D.behind

20. Can I ____the knife (刀子)______the pear.

A. use; to cut B.used; for cutting C.use; for cutting D.use; cutting

21. They walk _____the bridge.

A.through B.across C.by D. cross

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22.—I often have hamburgers for lunch.

—You’d better not. It’s bad for you ________ too much junk food.

A.eat B.to eat C.eating D.ate


1.He brushes his teeth ________(two) a day.

2.You must eat more vegetables and keep ________(health).

3.This movie is very ________(interest).

4.My mom wants me ________(drink) milk every day.

5.John usually ________(have) meat and vegetables for dinner.

6.How often ________ he ________(read) English?

7.Remember ________(bring) your homework here tomorrow.

8.I am afraid ________(go) out at night.

9.It’s important for us ________(learn) English well.

10.How about ________(play) football now?


1. He has two daughters. One is a nurse, _____________ is a worker.

2. Two boys will go to the zoo, and ____________ boys will stay at home.

3. Two boys will go to the zoo, and ____________ will stay at home.

4. Some of students like singing and dancing, __________ students go in for sports.

5. Some of us like singing and dancing, _______________go in for sports.

6. I want to go to ________city, Shanghai, it will be wonderful there.

7. Who else has ________ questions?


A.下面是某班学生一周学习英语情况的调查表,数字代表该项的学生人数。请阅读调查表并填Information card

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